FRANCE – FoodChain ID, a top supplier of technologically enhanced solutions for food quality, safety, and sustainability, has acquired Lexagri International, a pioneer in the agricultural technology sector that specializes in validating, coordinating, organizing, and disseminating worldwide agricultural data.

Lexagri’s services improve the performance, quality, safety, and traceability of agricultural produce. With more than 33 million entries, including information on Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), logistics, and Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs), Homologa is the market’s largest pesticide database.

To ensure correct use and compliance at the farm level, the company’s mobile app PhytoScan uses an integrated label scanner for on-farm use that offers rapid access to current product regulatory and safety information. This ensures the production of safe foods.

According to Brad Riemenapp, Chief Executive Officer of FoodChain ID, Lexagri’s services are focused on data enhancement, and their data harmonization processes transform raw, untreated agricultural data into standardized, validated, and accessible data sets. 

“This expands FoodChain ID’s scope of regulatory and compliance content into crop protection and brand registration data, allowing us to serve our food customers even more effectively and to strengthen our reputation as a trusted source of data-driven, actionable insights from farm to fork,” he explained.

Other products include Agrowin, a service package for top-tier chemical companies that enables Lexagri to analyze crop protection and seed market data and provides access to harmonized and consolidated global agricultural market data, and Basagri and Phytodata, reference data sources for crop protection information in France that contrast registered and certified data.

Fritz Schuster, Chief Executive Officer of Lexagri noted that the company’s aim has always been, and continues to be, to become the global harmonized reference provider of regulatory crop protection data for the industry, digital farming, and the food chain.

“As part of WEKA Group and with the support of its shareholder, Lexagri was able to pursue this goal and to grow the business over the past years. The upcoming integration of Lexagri with FoodChain ID will be another step in this direction. 

“We will be able to enhance the link between “farm and fork” through an easier data flow and more transparency,” he said.

Last month, FoodChain ID acquired Cosmocert S.A., a Greek organic certification and inspection business offering nationally and internationally recognized certification standards.

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