U.S – Wiliot, a trailblazing Internet of Things (IoT) pioneer, has made a groundbreaking move in the world of food safety by enlisting the expertise of Frank Yiannas, the former Deputy Commissioner of Food Policy & Response at the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), as a Strategic Advisor. 

With this strategic appointment, Wiliot aims to harness the power of ambient IoT to transform the food and retail industries, ensuring compliance with the FSMA Rule 204, which mandates the safe tracking of food products and the sharing of traceability data.

The FDA’s New Food Traceability Rule has become a game-changer for retailers, compelling them to modernize their supply chains. 

Wiliot’s CEO, Tal Tamir, expresses confidence in Frank Yiannas’ leadership and profound knowledge in food safety and response, making him the ideal advisor to guide the market on adopting ambient IoT. 

The technology enables real-time, item-level visibility of products throughout their journey from farm-to-store, revolutionizing the food industry and its operations while maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements.

Ambient IoT is a battery-free wireless technology, integrated into various wireless standards like Bluetooth, 5G Advanced, 6G, and Wi-Fi. This technology connects food to the internet, empowering them with the capabilities of artificial intelligence at a fraction of the cost of legacy technologies.

Traditionally, barcode techniques incurred high labor costs and exhibited low accuracy, while legacy RFID tags were costly and offered limited visibility. Wiliot’s ambient IoT, utilizing commodity Bluetooth radios, revolutionizes this technology by providing high visibility, accuracy, and interaction with smartphones ubiquitous in stores.

Frank Yiannas will not only be advising Wiliot on how to best implement its platform to achieve enhanced food safety and traceability but also working on key partnerships with consultants, systems integrators, and applications software vendors to deliver a comprehensive FSMA Rule 204 solution.

“Modernizing food safety approaches is critical to the health and well-being of people everywhere

“This goal cannot be achieved without creating greater transparency and traceability throughout the entire food continuum – across farms, food processing and distribution centers, and retail stores,” Yiannas said

The FDA’s FSMA Rule 204 rule, finalized in November 2022, aims to establish end-to-end food traceability by tracking food at each step across the supply chain, beyond ‘one-up, one-back’ traceability. 

With a compliance deadline set for January 2026, the rule will enhance transparency within the supply chain, ensuring quicker responses to foodborne illnesses, contamination, and other public health and safety issues.

Frank Yiannas brings a wealth of experience to Wiliot, having previously served under two different administrations as the Deputy Commissioner for Food Policy and Response at the FDA. In addition, he has a remarkable track record in leadership roles at industry giants like Walmart and the Walt Disney Company.

Wiliot’s battery-free IoT Pixels are a game-changing addition to any food product or packaging, connecting it to the internet and endowing it with intelligence. 

These products can transmit vital data, such as location, temperature, and carbon footprint, in real-time, offering food retailers and companies essential high-definition data required for FSMA Rule 204 compliance.

Yiannas’ appointment to Wiliot signals the company’s commitment to revolutionizing the food safety landscape with ambient IoT tools. Their work with some of the world’s largest food retailers and companies on ambient IoT projects will be further accelerated with his expertise.

Wiliot’s mission is to transform everyday items into agents of change through ambient IoT, adding intelligence and automation to reusable packaging, food, and other products. 

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