GLOBAL –  The Foundation FSSC’s FSSC 24000 Scheme has been officially recognized by the Consumer Goods Forum’s Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative (SSCI).

The FSSC 24000 Scheme, dedicated to Social Sustainability Management System Certification, has successfully completed the rigorous SSCI Benchmarking process, showcasing its leadership and commitment to fostering credible sustainability standards worldwide.

The Scheme emerges as a strategic framework designed to ensure organizations provide safe and equitable working conditions, adhere to stringent business ethics, and execute thorough due diligence within their supply chains.

Through the implementation of the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle and a risk-based thinking approach, FSSC 24000 propels organizations toward the identification, control, and continuous improvement of social risks, thereby enhancing corporate responsibility and social management systems performance.

Spanning the manufacturing and processing sectors, including both food and non-food sectors and related service provisions, the FSSC 24000 certification affirms an organization’s adherence to social sustainability management system requirements.

The certification is grounded in the BSI/PAS 24000:2022 – Social Management System requirements and is further complemented by the FSSC 24000 Additional Requirements as outlined by the FSSC Board of Stakeholders.

Elles de Jonge-Bosch, Manager, Quality and Sustainability for EMD and SSCI CO-Chair, highlighted the value of FSSC 24000’s recognition to the retail sector, underscoring the scheme’s alignment with industry social requirements.

“FSSC 24000 now being part of the list of recognized schemes means we can be confident they meet our industry’s social requirements. This is very valuable to us, and we hope more social and environmental schemes will follow FSSC 24000,” he said.

 Aldin Hilbrands, CEO of Foundation FSSC, emphasized the scheme’s innovative integration capability with existing ISO management system certifications, offering efficiency benefits and a unique Assurance Platform for enhanced supply chain risk management and reporting.

“We thank the SSCI team for their professional support along the way and look forward to working together providing trust and impact to the consumer goods industry,” he said.

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