INDIA – Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has recognized an indigenous food testing equipment known as Precision Iodine Value Analyzer (PIVA), used for the measurement of the degree of unsaturation; Iodine Value, in vegetable oils.

Conventionally, Iodine value is determined using manual titration, and few analytical instruments based on automated titration are also available in the market.

However, these techniques have downsides in that they take longer analysis time, are costly, and use toxic chemicals.

The technique was developed by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) -Central Scientific Instruments Organization (CSIO).

“Researchers, at CSIR-CSIO, developed a rapid analysis technique, which takes just three minutes for analysis of Iodine Value. Also, the cost of analysis per sample was reduced drastically,” the CSIR-CSIO statement said.

In a bid to encourage the manufacturing industry in India, CSIO transferred the technology to M/s Comfax Systems, a Chandigarh-based start-up.

Currently, PIVA has been calibrated and tested for Groundnut, Bran, Rice, Ghee, coconut, Olive Oil, soya bean, Mustard, Palm and Sunflower.

This new development is a part of the ongoing effort to strengthen the food testing capabilities by introducing the quick and advanced Food Testing Kits.

The technology has applications in Oil extraction units, quality control and assurance labs, food regulatory authorities, soaps and cosmetics, bakeries, meat industry, paint industry, biodiesel analysis, and charcoal industry.

It is also useful in determining adulteration in edible oils and fats.

Thus far, FSSAI has approved 65 rapid food testing devices and this is the latest addition to the approved equipment.

In the past one year, FSSAI has provided technical and financial assistance to States Unreserved Ticket System (UTs) for creation of necessary infrastructure, testing equipment and mobilizing resources for carrying out special camps, inspections, awareness drives, etc., by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

FSSAI has dispersed almost Indian Rupee (INR) 65crores to the States/ UTs as part of the MoU in the year 2020-21.

CDR Palm Oil Tester

Palm oil tester is another rapid testing method for unsaturation which is specific to palm oil used by palm oil producers in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Nigeria, etc.

The system is supplied pre-calibrated and ready for use but it is also possible to standardize it using samples with a known value.

It takes about 2 mins to obtain the analysis results and can run a total of about 40 tests/hour.

Due to its simplicity, the innovative CDR method for the determination of Iodine Value (IV) in Palm Oil is ideal to be used during every process stage to monitor the quality of oil in real time and during the acceptance of crude oil, as well as during trading of finished products.