ISRAEL – Gadot Biochemical Industries, one of the leading companies in the field of food ingredients and fine chemicals, is incorporating its health-promoting minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium to plant-based milk in its new fortification program.

Different minerals are available and suitable for fortification using ultra high-temperature processing for pasteurized beverages without compromising their organoleptic profile and stability throughout their shelf life period.

Gadot will offer its customers’ product development assistance, including the desirable bioavailability, solubility, taste and mouthfeel, color and mineral content for defined health benefits.

These benefits include bone health from calcium, muscle support and cardiovascular function, zinc for immune resilience and potassium for electrolyte balance. Godat will enable the fortification of plant-based milk with macro-minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium.

“There is a consumer commitment to plant-based milk alternatives. With all the advantages associated with alternative milk products, it has to be fortified with minerals to be nutritionally equivalent with cow’s milk,” said Ohad Cohen, Chief Executive Officer, Gadot Biochemical.

He added that milk analogs must be fortified to provide the health benefits of cow’s milk. However, he enlightened that with Gadot’s mineral fortifications, which gives brands extended value for the health-minded consumer, the milk analogs can offer much more benefits.

Considering the fortification of plant-based milk, Innova Market Insights pegged “Plant-Based: The Canvas for Innovation” as the second Top Ten Trend for 2022 as the demand for plant-based products continues to soar among consumers.

In light of this, FoodIngredientsFirst previously reported that as plant-based diets increase, more companies and “manufacturers have been tapping into opportunities for .”

Gadot produces bioavailable products and over 95% of its production is exported worldwide to companies in the food, beverage and nutraceutical industries.

The company has been making strides in industry with its developments. The dietary mineral supplier recently completed the production process of its infant nutrition ingredients – tri potassium citrate and trisodium citrate.

In addition, it released an ingredient for daily immune support called zinc gluconate and cado-Go Mg, magnesium citrate for active consumers.

Gadot details that the global sales of dairy alternatives added to approximately US$22.6 billion. Soymilk sales in the US alone were set to reach approximately US$1.13 billion, an increase from US$881 million in 2016. In 2020, the global sales of dairy alternatives amounted to US$22.6 billion.

In considering dairy alternatives, SternVitamin developed micronutrient premixes to give the plant-based dairy alternatives category “a fortified boost.”

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