GERMANY – GEA, a global leader in process technology, has unveiled its latest innovation, the NiSoMate, a sensor-based technology designed to transform the homogenization process in the production of liquids.

This system offers real-time, inline analysis of product consistency and quality, heralding a new era in manufacturing efficiency and precision.

Set to be showcased at the upcoming Anuga FoodTec event in Cologne, Germany, from March 19 to 22, 2024, the GEA NiSoMate leverages cutting-edge sensor technology to continuously monitor liquids during homogenization.

By providing immediate feedback on product parameters, it enables on-the-fly adjustments to homogenization pressure, optimizing energy use and improving overall process efficiency.

The introduction of NiSoMate represents a significant departure from conventional sampling methods. By analyzing liquids directly in the production line, this technology not only saves valuable time but also reduces product waste and the risk of over-processing, leading to considerable resource conservation.

The NiSoMate system integrates an array of dedicated sensors into a single unit that attaches directly to the homogenizer.

Utilizing advanced ultrasound-based “beamforming array” technology, it offers high-precision measurements without direct contact with the product. This allows for the accurate determination of physical properties such as density and consistency changes, enabling immediate process adjustments based on real-time data.

Future-ready with AI integration

This novel technology facilitates faster achievement of production goals, particularly with new liquid types. Its capacity to utilize pre-configured recipes and quickly develop new ones provides a substantial competitive advantage in fields such as food, new food, and pharmaceuticals.

GEA’s forward-thinking approach ensures the NiSoMate is not just a current solution but also a future-ready system. It is predisposed for AI integration, which will eventually permit the self-optimization of processes and plants, further enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Compatible with all GEA homogenizers, from lab-scale to large industrial setups, the NiSoMate offers broad applicability across various sectors. It is also available for retrofitting on existing plants, ensuring that more manufacturers can benefit from this advanced technology.

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