GLOBAL – Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), now the Consumer Goods Forum Coalition of Action on food safety, has announced that four more companies, Develey, Kerry, Spinneys and Sysco, have joined its coalition.

The four companies are now part of a unique group that is collaborating across borders to ensure safe food for everyone. The Coalition now totals 38 companies, all of whom are members of The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF).

CGF is the only organization that brings consumer goods retailers and manufacturers together globally. It helps them to collaborate, alongside other key stakeholders, so as to secure consumer trust and drive positive change, including greater efficiency.

Develey is a family-owned business which has grown to become a leading food manufacturer of mustards, sauces, salad dressings and other condiments in Europe with more than 175 years in the industry.

Sophie Kaiser, Lead unit QM Management Systems at Develey’s department of Quality and Risk Management commented that the family-owned and operated company thinks in terms of generations and rely on sustainable economic business practices and quality without compromise. She added that it is the only way for the company to remain competitive and be handed down.

“As long-time members of The Consumer Goods Forum, we understand the need to drive actions on the key challenges impacting our industry. Food safety is one such area that many people take for granted, but there is a lot of work going on behind the scenes and the GFSI Coalition is one of the key groups ensuring the food safety bar continues to be raised. We are proud to be a part of such a group.”

Sophie Kaiser, Lead unit QM Management Systems, Develey


Kerry Group plc is a public food company headquartered in Ireland which is a world leader in the development of taste and nutrition solutions for the food, beverage markets.

According to Hugo Gutierrez, Global Food Safety & Quality Officer at Kerry, the company is an innovative one whose business is all about helping customers to develop delicious and nutritious food with unparalleled consumer appeal.

“If it’s not safe, it’s not food, and we are wholly committed to GFSI’s approach to improving food safety standards for businesses. We look forward to working together, sharing our own knowledge and experiences with the group. And as stated in our moto we all need to live by “Safety first, Quality always!”

Hugo Gutierrez, Global Food Safety & Quality Officer, Kerry


Spinneys is a multinational supermarket chain active in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Lebanon, Oman and Pakistan.

Sharon Sausman, HOD – Technical & Compliance at Spinneys expressed the company’s delight in being a part of the coalition citing that the coalition is well placed to support its efforts to build capacities at a local, regional and international level.

“Our team at Spinneys is eager and delighted to join the GFSI, as the Coalition is as committed as we are to delivering safe food through tangible actions and knowledge sharing in a practical, analytical and adaptive manner.”

Sharon Sausman, HOD- Technical &Compliance, Spinneys.


Sysco Corporation is an American multinational corporation involved in marketing and distributing food products.

“Our mission is to deliver success for our customers through industry-leading people, products and solutions. The GFSI Coalition represents a key industry collaboration that is critical to helping us to deliver safe food to our customers around the world. We look forward to working with our food safety peers to ensure the highest levels of food safety versus the lowest level of compliance, and GFSI can help us achieve this.”

Mitch Gilgour, Quality Assurance Senior Director, Sysco.


GFSI estimates that of the 600 million people worldwide, almost 1 in 10 falls ill after eating contaminated food each year with the covid 19 pandemic exacerbating food safety concerns. To tackle this, Coalition members are addressing challenges facing food safety systems in their supply chains and the markets they operate in and are helping to raise the food safety bar globally.

Everyone has the right to access safe, nutritious, and nourishing food which is why GFSI’s work is critical to every community across the globe. As one of the world’s leading networks to help achieve safe food, GFSI is committed to making food safety everyone’s business.

GFSI has two decades of experience in supporting the industry on its food safety journey.

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