GHANA – The Minister of Trade and Industry Ghana, Kobina Tahir Hammond, has appointed Professor Alex Dodoo, the Director-General of the Ghana Standards Authority (GSA), as the ‘Custodian of Weights and Measures,’ wielding newfound authority to enforce trade standards and foster international credibility.

This historic appointment, mandated by the Ghana Standards Authority Act, 2022 (Act 1078), came into effect on September 13, 2023, and is set to transform Ghana’s role on the global stage, reports GhanaWeb.

The significance of this appointment lies in its potential to align Ghana with international standards in metrology, the science of measurement.

Metrology plays an indispensable role in international trade, ensuring that goods exchanged between nations meet stringent accuracy and fairness criteria.

By designating Professor Dodoo as the Custodian of Weights and Measures, Ghana asserts itself as a dependable and compliant partner in the global marketplace.

Under this transformative appointment, Professor Dodoo will have the authority to select and deploy inspectors of Weights and Measures.

These vigilant inspectors will be entrusted with the pivotal task of administering weights and measures standards across various sectors, including health, safety, and the environment.

Their duties will encompass the verification of every weight, measure, or instrument used in trade and industry. They will meticulously compare these instruments with corresponding Working Standards to ensure precision and fairness.

Empowering the Custodian

Empowered by Section 62 of the Act, the Custodian has been granted far-reaching powers to uphold trade standards.

These include the authority to enter premises, demand the production and examination of weights, measures, or instruments, and even seize them if necessary for comparison with Working Standards.

Obstructing an inspector in the performance of their duties is now a punishable offense, underscoring the seriousness of this initiative.

The Ministry of Trade and Industry has announced plans to collaborate closely with the GSA to conduct extensive engagement with the business community and the trading public.

This outreach initiative seeks to raise awareness about the crucial role of weights and measures in commerce and enterprises.

Understanding the value of accurate measurements and standards is pivotal for businesses striving to compete on a global scale.

Ghana’s commitment to fostering fairness and accuracy in trade is part of a broader trend among nations seeking to enhance their position in the global economy.

Many countries are recognizing the pivotal role that metrology and standards enforcement play in international trade.

This appointment reflects Ghana’s ongoing efforts to modernize and align its economic practices with global norms. It sends a clear message to international partners that Ghana is open for business and committed to fair trade practices.

As the Custodian of Weights and Measures takes charge, the eyes of the world will be on Ghana, watching how this move will impact the nation’s economic landscape.

It’s a pivotal moment in the country’s journey towards becoming a key player in the global marketplace, one calibrated for fairness and precision.

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