GHANA – To uphold fair trade practices within the cashew industry, the Bono East Regional Office of the Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) has initiated a collaborative dialogue with the Bono Regional House of Chiefs.

Led by Mrs. Xaviera Ulla Tawiah, Regional Manageress of the GSA, the meeting aimed to sensitize chiefs and secure their support as custodians of the land in verifying cashew trading scales across their jurisdictions.

The collaborative initiative was warmly received by members of the Bono Regional House of Chiefs, especially as the upcoming cashew season approaches in January.

During the meeting, Manageress Xaviera emphasized the importance of ensuring fair trade practices within the cashew trading chain. She urged chiefs to play an active role in ensuring that all stakeholders, including aggregators, traders, and exporters, verify their trading scales to maintain integrity throughout the region.

In addition to advocating for scale verification, Manageress Xaviera took the opportunity to educate chiefs about existing standards within the cashew value chain. She sought their assistance in mobilizing cashew nut buyers within their traditional areas, emphasizing the significance of trading with verified scales.

In response, the Nananom expressed their full support for the initiative and suggested practical measures to encourage compliance. They proposed the compilation of a list of buyers with verified scales within their areas to incentivize local farmers to engage with them. This collaborative approach underscores the commitment of both the GSA and the regional chiefs to promote fair and transparent trading practices.

To reinforce the importance of scale verification, various stickers indicating pass or failure status, along with certification marks, were showcased to members of the House. This visual representation solidified the commitment to fair and verified trade practices within the cashew industry.

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