GHANA – The Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) and the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) have announced the harmonization of their certification processes.

This collaboration seeks to expedite approvals for businesses, thereby reducing the challenges encountered during the certification of products and services.

During an interview on PM Express Business edition, Professor Alex Dodoo, the Director General of the GSA, revealed details of this initiative. The harmonization efforts are designed to eliminate redundancies in the certification process, effectively establishing a one-stop shop for businesses seeking approval from both institutions.

By synchronizing their certification procedures, the GSA and FDA aim to simplify the certification process, saving businesses valuable time and resources.

Professor Dodoo emphasized the significance of this collaboration in reducing the struggles faced by enterprises in obtaining necessary certifications. This streamlined approach will introduce concepts such as “progressive licensing” at the FDA and “graduated certification” at the GSA, providing businesses with a more efficient pathway to certification.

He expressed optimism regarding the reception of the new processes, highlighting a significant reduction in certification timelines.

What once took four to six weeks can now be accomplished in just four days, marking a substantial improvement in efficiency. To accommodate the anticipated increase in demand, the GSA is expanding its laboratory infrastructure to ensure swift processing of certifications.

Combatting fraudulent practices

Addressing concerns about fake certificates, Professor Dodoo reassured stakeholders of the robustness of the system in detecting counterfeit documents.

The GSA has bolstered its enforcement capabilities by deploying 300 trading standard inspectors to monitor compliance with standards regulations.

Additionally, partnerships with industry associations, such as the Association of Ghana Industries, play a crucial role in enhancing compliance and enforcing standards within the manufacturing sector.

“We are working with the Association of Ghana Industries when it comes to compliance and standard enforcement for those in the manufacturing sector,” Professor Dodoo said.

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