GHANA – The Ghana Standards Authority (GSA), in partnership with the British Standards Institution (BSI), has celebrated the recognition of GSA’s Inspectorate Directorate staff and newly commissioned Trading Standards Inspectors (TSIs).

The ceremony acknowledged the successful completion of training through the Standards Partnership Programme, marking a pivotal moment in enhancing Ghana’s capacity for standards enforcement nationwide.

Since November 2022, the collaborative effort between GSA and BSI has focused on building the capacity of GSA’s staff and TSIs, with the overarching goal of promoting economic stability, sustainable growth, job creation, and poverty reduction.

The programme, supported by the UK government’s Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), aims to strengthen quality infrastructure and increase the utilization of international standards to drive development initiatives.

During the ceremony, Mr. Graham Holloway, Team Leader at BSI, expressed the commitment to provide additional funding for future training sessions, acknowledging Ghana’s remarkable progress in certifying individuals to promote standards.

Baroness Catharine Hoey, UK government’s Trade Envoy to Ghana, commended the trained officers for their dedication and encouraged them to apply their acquired knowledge to benefit both Ghana and the global standards community.

Hon. Kobina Tahir Hammond, Minister of Trade and Industry, emphasized the importance of the inspectors’ role in protecting Ghanaian consumers, urging them to demonstrate diligence and commitment in their responsibilities.

Professor Alex Dodoo, Director-General of GSA, expressed the authority’s delight in recognizing the achievements of the inspectors, underscoring their pivotal role in enhancing trade in Ghana.

He highlighted the transformative impact of the Standards Partnership Programme, which has expanded GSA’s capacity and contributed to workforce development.

The training, focusing on ISO 17020:2012 and ISO 19011:2018, equips inspectors with the necessary skills to enforce standards effectively, benefiting both GSA and local organizations as Ghana continues its journey towards industrial growth and development.

Public participation in ensuring product safety

In other news, the GSA has issued a call to action, urging the general public to prioritize the use of quality standards to guarantee the safety of goods produced within the country.

Highlighting their commitment to safeguarding consumers and the environment, the GSA emphasized the pivotal role of standards in enhancing product safety and fostering national development.

In an interview on ZED FM, Mr. Kofi Yeboah Debrah, APR, Acting Head of Public Relations at the GSA, underscored the authority’s dedication to developing standards across various sectors of the economy.

These standards are designed to elevate the quality of life for Ghanaians while advancing the nation’s developmental agenda.

Mr. Debrah emphasized the importance of public awareness and engagement in standardization activities.

He encouraged all Ghanaians to familiarize themselves with GSA’s standards and actively participate in promoting product safety. By approaching the GSA and learning about these standards, individuals can contribute to their own well-being and support the country’s development initiatives.

Highlighting the life-saving potential of standards, Mr. Debrah stressed that adherence to quality standards is essential for protecting consumers and fostering economic growth.

He highlighted the recent strides made by the GSA, including the establishment of new laboratories and the recruitment of Trading Standards Inspectors (TSIs), to bolster the authority’s enforcement efforts and ensure compliance with standards nationwide.

Mr. Debrah appealed to the public to actively report any deviations from quality standards to the GSA. By reporting concerns or irregularities, individuals can contribute to consumer protection efforts and facilitate the GSA’s mandate of promoting safe and quality products in the market.

This collaborative approach, he emphasized, is essential for driving development and safeguarding the interests of consumers across the country.

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