GLOBAL – Following a lengthy certification procedure that lasted months, ISEAL has certified GLOBALG.A.P., the world’s leading farm assurance program, as a community member.

ISEAL supports ambitious sustainability systems to address the most urgent problems facing the globe.

It claims to drive impact and transforms markets into a force for good with its expanding worldwide network and emphasis on trustworthy methods.

GLOBALG.A.P.’s trusted farm assurance solutions have included a major sustainability component since they were first developed over 25 years ago.

The organization will now provide crucial insight and know-how gleaned from those decades of expertise in sustainability to the global sustainability initiatives of fellow ISEAL Community Member systems.

Becoming an ISEAL Community Member further emphasizes GLOBALG.A.P.’s commitment to sustainability and shows GLOBALG.A.P.’s commitment to continual development through the unique insights, support, and collaboration opportunities offered to ISEAL Community Members.

“GLOBALG.A.P. is proud to have achieved ISEAL Community Member status and to have gained an important partner in ISEAL.

“This is a further step on our important mission towards broader sustainability recognition. We are delighted that our long-standing commitment to sustainability is bearing fruit,” said Dr. Kristian Moeller, Managing Director at GLOBALG.A.P.

To address the most pressing environmental issues, GLOBALG.A.P. will work with other well-known ISEAL Community Members and their sustainability systems from sectors as varied as aluminum, golf, cotton, tourism, and fisheries.

“As a new ISEAL Community Member, we look forward to continuously improving our system and further enhancing our solutions by participating in ISEAL’s learning, collaboration, and innovation activities,” said Dr. Moeller.

In order to become an ISEAL Community Member, GLOBALG.A.P. carried out a gap analysis of its performance in comparison to the goals outlined in the ISEAL Standard-Setting, Assurance, and Impacts Codes. 

The organization then created an improvement plan outlining its goals and any areas that require special attention.

GLOBALG.A.P. is also establishing a monitoring and evaluation system, which will play a key role as it takes the next steps toward reaching ISEAL Code Compliant status.

“I would like to congratulate GLOBALG.A.P. on becoming an ISEAL Community Member. This exciting step reflects GLOBALG.A.P.’s commitment to ongoing improvement and deepening their credible practices as they work to improve food safety on farms across the globe while safeguarding the welfare of farming communities and their surrounding environments,” said Karin Kreider, Executive Director of ISEAL.

IFA Version 6 publication

This new membership comes shortly after version 6 of GLOBALG.A.P.’s Integrated Farm Assurance (IFA) standard was released.

IFA v6 raises awareness of environmental sustainability by encouraging participating companies to continually improve their sustainability practices and by including more sustainability-focused principles and criteria in the standard.

The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and the Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative (GSSI), respectively, have already recognized the food safety and aquaculture parts of IFA v6.

GLOBALG.A.P., which is also recognized by GFSI and GSSI, is the first farm assurance system in the sector to obtain ISEAL Community Member status.

GLOBALG.A.P. anticipates providing more value to stakeholders by enhancing the system’s efficiency with ISEAL’s guidance.

Obtaining ISEAL Community Member accreditation adds value to GLOBALG.A.P.’s assurance products, such as the GGN label for consumers, by demonstrating the company’s continued investment in the creation of efficient sustainability measures.

“We welcome GLOBALG.A.P.’s commitment to ISEAL’s ambitious requirements as a global industry standard. 

“It underlines the efforts to continuously develop also in the field of sustainability as a recognized system – for the major environmental and social challenges in global supply chains this is an important step,” emphasized Eugenio Guidoccio, Member of the Executive Board, REWE Group.

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