RWANDA – In a recent Cabinet meeting chaired by President Paul Kagame, several crucial appointments at the Rwanda Food and Drugs Authority (RFDA) were approved.

Among the notable appointments is Associate Professor Raymond Muganga, who has been appointed as the Head of Laboratory Services Department. Dr. Eric Nyirimigabo will serve as the Head of the Food Department, while Dr. Jean Pierre Munyampundu will take on the role of Division Manager for Food Registration and Information Control.

Additionally, Dr. Innocent Nyamwasa has been appointed as the Division Manager for Food Safety Monitoring, Inspections, and Licensing.

Each appointee brings a wealth of experience and expertise to their respective roles. Associate Professor Raymond Muganga boasts a distinguished career in Phytomedicine and pharmaceutical sciences, with extensive academic and professional contributions to the University of Rwanda and the Rwanda National Pharmacy Council.

Dr. Eric Nyirimigabo, a seasoned pharmacist with specialized training in drug analysis and pharmaceutical sciences, previously served in various capacities, including as a lecturer at the University of Rwanda and as a Quality Inspector at the Rwanda Standards Board.

Dr. Jean Pierre Munyampundu, with a background in Molecular Plant Pathology and infectious diseases research, brings valuable insights from his international collaborations and academic pursuits at institutions such as Zhejiang University in China and the University of Edinburgh in the UK.

RFDA structural overview

These appointments are majorly under the RFDA’s Food and Drugs Inspection and Safety Monitoring (FDISM) Department.

The FDISM plays a pivotal role in ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and monitoring the safety of food and medical products in Rwanda. The department comprises three divisions: Food and Drugs Inspection and Compliance (FDIC), Food and Drugs Import and Export Control (FDIEC), and Pharmacovigilance & Food Safety Monitoring (PFSM).

Each division within the FDISM Department is tasked with distinct responsibilities aimed at safeguarding public health and ensuring regulatory compliance.

From inspecting manufacturing facilities and monitoring product safety to overseeing import and export controls and conducting post-marketing surveillance, RFDA’s multifaceted approach aims to address a wide range of challenges in the food and pharmaceutical sectors.

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