U.S – Highland Ag Solutions, a leading ag-tech software company, has announced its strategic expansion into the cannabis industry.

Highland Hub, the firm’s cutting-edge digital compliance, sustainability, and enterprise management tool, will now incorporate support for the Cannabis Safety and Quality (CSQ) Certification scheme, offering a suite of tools and resources specifically designed for the cannabis sector.

The CSQ Certification aims to establish industry standards and best practices for organizations operating within the cannabis space, covering the entire supply chain from seed to sale.

By seamlessly integrating the CSQ Certification standards, Highland Hub is set to empower cannabis producers and retailers with a robust platform that ensures compliance, enhances safety protocols, and promotes uncompromising quality across their operations.

Justin Machell, CEO of Highland Ag Solutions, expressed enthusiasm about the expansion into the cannabis industry.

“We are excited to bring Highland Hub’s capabilities to the cannabis industry. Our platform has always been about providing comprehensive solutions to manage compliance and improve operational efficiency. With the unique challenges and rapid growth of the cannabis market, we see a significant opportunity to positively impact safety and quality standards,” he said.

Highland Hub’s tailored features for the cannabis industry include compliance tracking, documentation management, operational insights, and audit readiness tools.

These features are strategically designed to assist cannabis businesses in navigating the complex regulatory landscape, maintaining stringent safety standards, and achieving the coveted CSQ Certification.

CSQ Standards were launched in 2020 to promote industry best practices and improve the overall safety and quality of cannabis and cannabis-infused products in the market. The CSQ Scheme and applicable standards were built around the ISO/IEC 17067.

Tara Stroud, Director of Customer Success for Highland Ag Solutions, emphasized the company’s mission to empower cannabis businesses.

“Our goal is to empower cannabis businesses with the tools they need to thrive in a competitive and highly regulated market. Highland Hub’s expansion into cannabis safety and quality is a natural extension of our mission to support sustainable and responsible agricultural practices,” he said.

Highland Ag Solutions specializes in creating software tailored for agricultural businesses, enabling them to efficiently oversee their operations.

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