INDIA – HUL Pureit, a water purifying company in India, has launched its new range of RO + UV + Minerals-based water purifiers with FiltraPower technology, which removes toxic substances like industrial chemicals, pesticides, and pathogens, and provide safe drinking water.

The new range, Pureit Vital Series, which the company claims meet safety standards and is tested by international laboratories, is turbocharged with superior performance in water recovery and purification speed.

Its mineral-essence technology enriches water with essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Furthermore, the device mentions being complemented with several convenience and luxury features.

“Consumer studies have often highlighted that water pollution and family health are the key category triggers. Pureit Vital Series has been designed keeping this insight at the core to provide safe drinking water and remove toxic substances,” said Deepak Subramanian, Executive Director – Home Care, Hindustan Unilever.

Additionally, Pureit Vital offers a novel perspective on product design.

Inspired by modern geometry emphasis has been on developing a simple design that looks premium and alluring in an Indian kitchen. Modern geometry has served as an inspiration.

The light-hearted promotional ad film showcases a young girl attempting a magic trick in front of her friends to convert polluted water into safe drinking water with the help of her mother and Pureit Vital.

“Pureit leverages our expertise in global water purification and local insights to deliver solutions that are world-class yet tailored to Indian market needs. The key focus of our product design team is to deliver a high-performance and high-quality product at an affordable price range,” said Henk in ‘t Hof, Global Chief Executive Officer, Water & Air Wellness, Unilever.

Pureit Copper RO

The Vital Series follows the successful launch of Pureit’s revolutionary Copper RO, which was also based on important user insights and revolutionized the electric water purifiers industry.

The Copper RO’s seven-stage RO+UV+MF purification process purifies water, and its exclusive Copper Charge TechnologyTM technology charges it with copper.

Customers of Pureit Copper RO can choose between Copper Charged RO water and regular RO water, unlike a copper vessel, where water must first be cleansed before being stored overnight.

The Copper RO charges water with 99.8% pure copper, in real-time. While as per traditional practice, water needs to be stored overnight for 8-10 hrs in a copper vessel.

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