U.S – With the release of its new SureTrend Cloud tier-based Software as a Solution (SaaS) for food safety, Hygiena has given Food Safety and Quality Managers the tools they need to make critical business decisions that minimize risk and optimize profit.

SureTrend provides a rich collection of interactive dashboards for visualizing and reporting on environmental monitoring, food safety, and quality test results across many facilities.

When equipment is not performing as intended, the solution further offers helpful alerts.

Numerous accounts are already present in the cloud as part of the tried-and-true system, which has been improved to incorporate a service element for all users.

“Hygiena has one of the largest teams of food safety software developers in the world today allowing us to constantly be enhancing the SureTrend Cloud platform and addressing our broad customer base needs. 

“We are dedicated to providing an industry-leading digital platform, which has a focus on making disparate information found in a food safety program easier to manage in one location, for multiple purposes,” said Mark Carter, Sr. Software Product Manager at Hygiena.

SureTrend seeks to harmonize the data contained in a food safety program, making it simple to handle data in one place for several uses.

With the food sector doing billions of tests annually and Hygiena diagnostics having a global presence in food manufacturing facilities, Carter continued, Hygiena can assist businesses in generating and utilizing enormous amounts of analytical data related to food safety.

By embracing digital connectivity and consistently adding all food safety data points, Hygiena diagnostic results, and other diagnostic findings to the cloud solution, SureTrend is enhancing global food safety.

SureTrend informs customers about conformance to food safety programs and provides deeper insights into trends in real-time. The program quickly and accurately detects glitches before they escalate.

Hygiena intends to continue refining SureTrend so that it can support audits, document control, sanitation, traceability, and other food safety procedures.

“To sum it up, SureTrend Cloud is an easy-to-use, secure cloud-based analytics platform that enables data-based decisions by simplifying the collection, storage, and analysis of technical data. It allows food manufacturers to gain peace of mind with the only software solution powered by the in-depth expertise of food safety diagnostics and outstanding customer support of Hygiena,” concluded Steve Nason, CEO of Hygiena.

In July this year, Hygiena launched an Allergen App to be integrated into its EnSURE Touch system, an advanced cleaning verification, and monitoring system.

Integration with the handheld EnSURE Touch luminometer allows the consolidation of allergen test results into overarching environmental test protocols and reporting for more insight into production safety.

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