U.S – Leading diagnostics company Hygiena has announced the granting of a patent and trademark by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for its groundbreaking BAX System SalQuant. 

The patent, with the number 11,634,782, and the official registered trademark further solidify Hygiena’s commitment to innovation in the field of food safety and diagnostics.

Hygiena’s patented SalQuant was specifically developed to meet the growing demand for Salmonella quantification in One Health DiagnosticsTM applications. 

This innovative system provides an efficient alternative to traditional, time-consuming methods, enabling food processors to accurately quantify Salmonella contamination from farm to final product. 

Salmonella is a leading cause of foodborne illnesses globally, making accurate and efficient detection and quantification crucial for ensuring food safety.

By improving and verifying sanitation and antimicrobial intervention processes, companies can meet stringent regulatory and quality standards while ensuring consumer safety.

Simplified workflows and rapid results

Designed with input from food industry professionals, SalQuant addresses their primary needs, including simplified workflows and faster time-to-results, supporting comprehensive food safety plans. 

Leveraging molecular methods, this patented system allows for the enumeration of Salmonella in a variety of common food matrices, such as beef, pork, poultry, environmentals, produce, and seafood. 

It empowers food companies with data-driven decision-making for pathogen testing, offering rapid, reliable, and highly accurate results.

“The addition of this recent patent underscores our commitment to innovation in advancing seamless, easy-to-follow diagnostic tools that answer every step of the quantification workflow while minimizing resource investment. 

“As experts in quantification, we believe we offer one of the most robust rapid methods that provide quantitative data on contamination levels,” Dr. Patrice Chablain, Chief Scientific Officer at Hygiena, emphasized the significance of the patent.

The newly granted patent not only reinforces Hygiena’s intellectual property position in the field of quantification but also affirms the company’s strategic dedication to developing innovative diagnostics that improve the health of people and animals within our shared environment. 

Amanda Manolis, Vice President, Global Marketing and Product Management at Hygiena, highlighted the broader implications of their advancements: “This patent confirms our strategic commitment to developing innovative diagnostics that improve the health of people and animals in our shared environment.”

As food safety measures continue to evolve, Hygena’s SalQuant sets a new benchmark for rapid and reliable pathogen testing. 

By significantly reducing the time required for quantitation from several days to just 12 hours, this revolutionary system enables accelerated decision-making, improved productivity, and a competitive advantage for food companies.

With its patent and trademark protection in place, Hygiena remains at the forefront of diagnostic advancements, empowering the food industry to enhance safety measures, protect consumers, and ultimately contribute to a healthier and safer world.

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