U.S – The International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) has presented the Schreiber Foods, Inc. food safety team with the 2023 Food Safety Leadership Award.

The accolade, which is in its seventh year, is given to a person, group, or organization that has shown remarkable leadership in advancing food safety within the dairy products sector.

On behalf of her team, Staci Richardson, Vice President of Enterprise Quality and Food Safety at Schreiber Foods, Inc., collected the honor.

“This is a very special recognition of the work our food safety team does tirelessly to protect consumers and customers and ensure safe food for everyone who enjoys dairy products.

“It’s such a prestigious and humbling honor that we were chosen out of all the IDFA member companies. This award is a testament to the full commitment to food safety we have at all levels of Schreiber Foods and the work that we do across the industry,” she said.

IDFA represents the nation’s dairy manufacturing and marketing industry, which supports more than 3.3 million jobs that generate U.S$41.6 billion in direct wages and U.S$753 billion in overall economic impact. 

Its diverse membership ranges from multinational organizations to single-plant companies, from dairy companies and cooperatives to food retailers and suppliers, all on the cutting edge of innovation and sustainable business practices. 

Together, they represent 90 percent of the milk, cheese, ice cream, yogurt, cultured products, and dairy ingredients produced and marketed in the United States and sold throughout the world.

Employees of the Schreiber Foods team participate actively in the IDFA Food Safety Committee as well as several other industry food safety groups and organizations. 

Experts from Schreiber regularly share resources, such as checklists, templates, and best practices, author research articles, and regularly make presentations to professional organizations committed to food safety in the dairy and broader food industries.

“The Schreiber team prioritizes improving food safety throughout the dairy industry. Their contributions have helped the industry develop fermentation risk assessments for yogurt and cream cheese, understand how to better reduce mold on cheese, develop rapid pathogen testing for several products and processes, and much more. 

“IDFA is proud to present this year’s Food Safety Leadership Award to the team from Schreiber Foods,” said John Allan, IDFA Vice President of Regulatory Affairs and International Standards.

Schreiber Foods Inc. is a global dairy company that produces and distributes natural cheese, processed cheese, cream cheese, and yogurt.

Previous recipients of the award are Jeremy Travis, Vice President of Quality & Technical Services for Hilmar Cheese Company, Inc. (2022), Dairy Farmers of America (2021), Edith Wilkin, Staff Vice President and Fellow, Food Safety and Regulatory Compliance, for Leprino Foods (2020); The Ice Cream Club, Inc. (2019); Brian Kraus, Director of Food Safety and Regulatory Compliance, Wells Enterprises, Inc. (2018); and the Cornell University Dairy Foods Extension team (2017).

This summer, a call for nominations for the 2024 Food Safety Leadership Award will be made public.

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