U.S – Ingredients supplier, International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF), has tailored a new enzymatic solution that allows breweries to maintain the clarity of beer with a smarter, simplified process.

By using BCLEAR, IFF said breweries brewers can achieve a more cost-efficient and robust stabilization process, improve foam stability, and reduce gluten content, compared to other enzymatic solutions.

“We’re bringing new expertise in colloidal stabilization. BClear is a strong-performing solution that is smarter, simpler, more efficient, and sustainable. Now, brewers can have greater confidence when optimizing their beer-making process,” Jens Magnus Eiken, Global Product Manager for Brewing & Distilling enzymes at IFF, commented.

The new solution allows for dosage optimization, delivering a more robust process thanks to its high efficiency. Once the optimum dosage for stabilization is reached, BCLEAR delivers a consistent response, allowing brewers to get it right the first time, achieving quality targets, and reducing risks of loss or rework.

“Due to minimal handling, BCLEAR is easier to use in production compared to non-enzymatic solutions; it does not affect the beer taste and improves foam stability while enabling the production of low-gluten beer,” said Sven Schönenberg, Ph.D., Master Brewer, and Global Application Group Manager for Brewing & Distilling enzymes at IFF.

He noted that the solution helps breweries reach their gluten target faster, shortening the beer release time and reducing process complexity compared to current enzymatic solutions.

“Choices become easy when you can see the benefits right in front of you, and BCLEAR is smarter, simpler, more efficient, and more sustainable,” Schönenberg advised brewers.

Brewing is a hugely competitive industry that is facing a plethora of environmental and social challenges and so it has had no choice but to act, analysts argue.

Brewers are responding to the challenge and objectives of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with clean energy-powered breweries, water, and energy-saving programs, leveraging the raw materials mix and engaging with the local communities.

The New York-based company said BCLEAR is also a good choice for breweries switching from traditional methods of stabilization due to its ability to increase energy and water savings, playing a crucial role in sustainability.

The beer market outlook is exceedingly captivating as the demand for beverages with lower alcoholic content increases.

The beer market size is projected by LatentView, to reach US$962 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 2.9% during the 2022–2027 forecast period.

However, sustainability could dictate the purchase of any brand of beer being offered for sale. Global Web Index says 61% of Millennials are likely to pay more for eco-friendly or sustainable products.

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