AFRICA – The International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) a non-profit institution
that generates agricultural innovations in Africa has appointed Dr. Nteranya Sanginga as the new Emeritus Director General.

Dr. Sanginga, the immediate past Director General of IITA and President of the Africa Agricultural Leadership Institute (AALI), brings a wealth of experience to this pivotal role.

This appointment reflects Dr. Sanginga’s exceptional contributions to agriculture and food security in Africa.

His extensive leadership roles, including serving as the Special Envoy for Feed Africa, Champion for Fertilizer and Soil Health Summit, and Special Adviser to the President of the Democratic Republic of Congo on agriculture matters, highlight his commitment to advancing agricultural practices on the continent.

Dr. Sanginga expressed his gratitude for the appointment, emphasizing the significance of the role: “It means a lot to me and shows how special IITA is. I have taken note of the responsibilities associated with my new role and will do my best to deliver.”

Congratulating Dr. Sanginga, Dr. Simeon Ehui, IITA Director General, and CGIAR Regional Director for Continental Africa, recognized the invaluable contributions made by Dr. Sanginga to IITA’s mission.

“I look forward to his continued support for the Institute on the continent in his capacity as the Emeritus DG,” Dr. Ehui added.

New Partnership with FUTA

Meanwhile in another related development, IITA has further solidified its commitment to advancing African agricultural research through a strategic partnership with the Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA).

The collaboration agreement seeks to strengthen existing ties, and set the stage for future joint initiatives.

This partnership represents a significant milestone in enhancing agricultural research and capacity building in Africa.

It is expected to drive innovation, knowledge exchange, and sustainable development in the agricultural sector across the continent.

Agreement to bolster agricultural collaboration in Africa

Moreover, in line with its dedication to transforming food systems and supporting food security efforts on the continent, IITA has signed a collaboration agreement with the African Agricultural Leadership Institute (AALI).

The agreement, inked at IITA’s headquarters in Ibadan, involves collaboration with Dr. Nteranya Sanginga, the President of AALI and DRC-Nigeria Business Council.

AALI, as an independent, non-profit international entity, aims to shift the leadership of African agricultural development to senior African agricultural professionals.

The collaboration seeks to leverage comprehensive solutions to address food and nutrition insecurity, ensuring increased and sustainable investments in Africa’s food systems.

These strategic initiatives underscore IITA’s commitment to advancing agricultural research, fostering collaboration, and addressing the challenges of food security in Africa.

Dr. Sanginga’s new role as Emeritus Director General positions him to play a pivotal role in driving these efforts forward.

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