U.S – Hot on the heels of California‘s move, the Illinois Senate has introduced the Illinois Food Safety Act, aiming to ban a set of additives known to be linked to potential health risks.

Senators Willie Preston and Rachel Ventura lead the charge, backed by the Environmental Working Group, in a bid to reshape food safety regulations within the state.

The bill squarely targets brominated vegetable oil (BVO), potassium bromate, propylparaben, and red dye 3—additives already in the crosshairs of California’s recent legislation.

Studies hint at potential health harms, ranging from cancer to developmental problems, amplifying the urgency for stricter regulations.

If passed, the Illinois Food Safety Act would amend existing legislation to ban the sale of food products containing the specified additives.

Violators could face hefty civil penalties, escalating with each subsequent offense, underscoring the seriousness of the proposed measures. The compliance date is set for January 1, 2027, pending assignment in the Illinois Senate.

Diverging from California’s all-encompassing ban, Illinois’ bill carves a unique path by focusing on retail sales. Unlike the California law, manufacturers enjoy an exemption, a move aimed at refining the ban’s impact on the supply chain.

Illinois joins a growing movement, echoing the California Food Safety Act. New York’s Senate Bill S6055A, introduced in June 2023, mirrors the sentiment, targeting the same additives. Notably, Illinois Senator Preston expresses intentions to align their bill with New York’s, adding titanium dioxide to the ban list.

The inclusion of titanium dioxide sparks controversy, with its status as a potential health hazard causing a rift in opinions. While the EU has banned it and labeled it a carcinogen, the FDA maintains its safety as a food additive. The debate adds complexity to an already nuanced legislative landscape.

California’s legislative boldness sets a national precedent, with other states following suit. The FDA, prompted by the California Food Safety Act, undertakes a comprehensive review of additives, including BVO and red dye 3.

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