GERMANY – Austrian technology leader Anton Paar has acquired the renowned German company, Brabender, marking a pivotal moment for both entities. 

The culmination of this acquisition has led to the formation of Anton Paar TorqueTec GmbH, a powerful blend of innovation and expertise. The acquisition, effective as of January 1, 2023, signifies a joint commitment to advancing material characterization solutions and enhancing customer experiences.

The signing of the acquisition agreement has set the stage for a dynamic partnership. While the specifics of the purchase price remain confidential, the focus remains on seamlessly integrating Brabender’s proficiency into the Anton Paar Group.

Brabender, headquartered in Duisburg, Germany, holds a distinguished reputation for its measurement and process engineering solutions. 

These solutions are tailored to test a wide spectrum of raw materials and facilitate recipe and process development. 

The company’s applications span diverse sectors, encompassing food, feed, plastics, rubber, batteries, and other specialized domains. This acquisition aligns perfectly with Anton Paar’s growth strategy, particularly in the realm of material characterization—a domain where Anton Paar has consistently excelled.

Dr. Friedrich Santner, CEO of Anton Paar, emphasized that the acquisition was driven by Brabender’s century-old legacy of pioneering measuring instruments. 

This know-how, cultivated over decades, strengthens Anton Paar’s position in the market while sustaining Brabender’s operations in Duisburg and Hackensack, USA. This commitment underscores a shared dedication to progress and innovation.

Brabender’s dedicated team of approximately 200 employees is now an integral part of the Anton Paar family. 

The integration into Anton Paar provides a platform for collaborative research and development, innovative product launches, and enhanced sales and service offerings. Dr. David Szczesny, Brabender’s Executive Director, voiced enthusiasm for the opportunities this partnership offers, both to the company and its valued customers.

The spotlight is cast upon Brabender’s illustrious portfolio, with its crown jewel—the Farinograph—leading the way. Conceived by founder Carl Wilhelm Brabender in 1928, the Farinograph remains an industry stalwart for testing flour quality. 

This instrument’s reach extends to flour mills, baking agent manufacturers, and large bakeries, offering insight into water absorption potential and dough-kneading properties. 

Other instruments within Brabender’s repertoire include the Extensograph, unraveling dough stretching properties, and the Amylograph, delving into starch gelatinization traits.

Brabender’s success story extends to its single-screw and twin-screw extruders, versatile machines pivotal in numerous industries. 

From food, where they aid pasta production, to plastics, these devices facilitate the pressing of solid or viscous materials under pressure through shaping orifices. 

This technology also contributes to global sustainability efforts by forging paths in alternative protein sources, aligning with evolving dietary preferences.

As the integration journey unfolds, Anton Paar TorqueTec GmbH stands poised at the intersection of tradition and innovation, promising a synergy that will shape the future of material characterization.

The melding of minds between Anton Paar and Brabender is set to redefine possibilities and unlock a new chapter of exploration and achievement in the realm of scientific instrumentation.

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