EUROPE—Ishida Europe has unveiled its latest innovation in checkweighers, aiming to address the evolving needs of the European market while prioritizing hygiene and service efficiency.

The new Ishida DACS-GN range, crafted in the UK for expedited lead times and boasting Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) approval, offers two distinct variants: Excellence and Advanced.

Promising improved performance and greater flexibility, both variants are equipped to handle a broader spectrum of target weights ranging from 5g to 6kg, at speeds reaching up to 480 packs per minute.

Enhancements in electronics, software, and mechanical design lie at the heart of the Ishida DACS-GN’s development. With a unified electrical platform facilitating simplified maintenance and servicing, the system’s software architecture eliminates the need for additional operating hardware to accommodate standard and optional programs.

Featuring a user-friendly color touch screen display powered by Ishida’s software, the DACS-GN incorporates a unique “license key” mechanism, enabling seamless addition of options without necessitating a service visit.

Moreover, enhanced connectivity supports OPC-UA and Industry 5.0 standards, ensuring seamless integration into modern production environments, claims the company.

Compliance with the latest retailer standards is ensured across all DACS-GN models, complemented by the inclusion of Ishida’s RRC (Retail Reject Confirmation) software and hardware. This technology rigorously verifies the successful removal of out-of-specification products or packs from the production line, bolstering quality control measures.

Additional photo-eye sensors enhance accuracy throughout the weighing process, while automatic system halt and protection mechanisms swiftly respond to inconsistencies or unauthorized interference. Redesigned covers and access panels facilitate expedited service and maintenance, reinforced by Ishida’s Anti-Floor-Vibration (AFV) technology to uphold weighing precision.

For environments requiring heightened hygiene standards, DACS-GN models offer optional IP54 and IP65 certification, ensuring resilience against dust and moisture. The ‘Plug-and-Play’ platform streamlines installation, while quick-release stainless steel conveyor beds promote hygiene and facilitate efficient cleaning.

Lifting brackets mitigate the risk of machine damage during installation or repositioning, ensuring operational continuity.

In a related development, Ishida recently introduced the IX-EN-2493-Compact machine for flow wrapped packs, featuring Genetic Algorithm (GA) technology for optimized X-ray inspection sensitivity.

Renowned for weighing and inspection solutions, the company bagged the Best Food Safety Innovation award at last year’s Gulfood Manufacturing Industry Excellence Awards for its IX-PD X-ray inspection system.

Additionally, Newtec, an industry leader in high-quality, high-performance weighing, packaging, and sorting machinery, unveiled a new weighing solution tailored for the convenience and processed food sector. The solution boasts enhanced capacity and memory pans for portion weighing, catering to the demands of rapid distribution channels.

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