USA – Kabrita, the leading global goat milk formula manufacturer, has announced that it is the first and only goat milk-based infant formula to achieve the Clean Label Project’s (CLP) highest purity certifications.

The CLP, a national non-profit dedicated to recognizing brands prioritizing purity and surpassing minimum FDA regulations, has awarded Kabrita Goat Milk-Based Infant Formula three prestigious certifications: First 1,000 Day Promise Certification, Pesticide Free, and Purity Awards.

Kabrita’s Goat Milk Toddler Formula also received these awards, highlighting the brand’s commitment to high-quality standards.

Earlier this year, Kabrita introduced the first and only goat milk-based infant formula in the United States that meets all FDA requirements.

This significant milestone came after years of clinical testing, proving that Kabrita’s infant formula is safe and provides complete nutrition for a baby’s growth in the first year.

Elieke Kearns, PhD, RD, director of medical and scientific affairs at Kabrita USA, expressed pride in Kabrita’s longstanding tradition of meeting—and often exceeding—the strictest European standards for babies.

The Clean Label Project certifications, she said, offer vital third-party assurance of the rigorous safety standards inherent in their high-quality products. This aligns with Kabrita’s enduring goal of producing the safest goat milk-based infant formula on the market.

To secure the CLP certifications, Kabrita Goat Milk-Based Infant Formula underwent extensive safety testing, ensuring compliance with stringent industry benchmarks.

The First 1,000 Days Promise Certification involves a thorough review of a company’s food safety programs and independent testing to ensure adherence to key elements of European baby food regulations, including checks for heavy metals and plasticizers.

The Purity Award necessitates independent testing for heavy metals, pesticides, and plasticizers, benchmarking the results against other similar products. This award is reserved for products in the top third of the category.

The Pesticide Free Award addresses consumers’ desire to minimize exposure to commonly used pesticides in foods, requiring independent verification that products meet CLP’s standards.

Jackie Bowen, founder of the Clean Label Project, emphasized that adding goat milk-based infant formula to the U.S. market is a welcome development.

She expressed enthusiasm that parents can confidently feed their babies, knowing that Kabrita’s infant formula meets the highest quality and safety standards. Babies deserve the best, and the Clean Label Project’s rigorous certifications provide significant reassurance.

Kabrita sources its goat milk from over 100 family-owned farms in the Netherlands, ensuring a rigorous process with over ninety quality checks. With over 75 years of experience, Kabrita has emerged as the no.1 goat milk formula worldwide, feeding 1.5 million babies daily.

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