USA – Kemin, a global leader in ingredient manufacturing, has unveiled its game-changing BactoCease line of food safety ingredients designed specifically for hot dog applications.

The groundbreaking line is aimed to not only shield food from the perils of Listeria monocytogenes but also extend the shelf life of hot dogs and other meat products, making it a game-changer in the industry.

The BactoCease line comprises three exceptional components; BactoCease, BactoCease NV, and Proteus. Each of these ingredients will have a unique role in enhancing food safety and quality.

BactoCease which is a liquid propionic acid-based antimicrobial system will stand out in the lineup due to its remarkable feature, the lower application rate compared to the commonly used sodium lactates and diacetates.

With this line of ingredients, manufacturers will be able to achieve the same high level of protection without the need for excessive quantities of additives.

Secondly, BactoCease NV, a buffered vinegar product and available in liquid, dry, and no-sodium forms, BactoCease NV can be incorporated into brines, marinades, spice blends, or applied directly to meat.

Its flexibility in usage makes it a valuable addition to any hot dog production process, offering robust pathogen control.

According to Kemin Proteus will provide solutions to consumers seeking to enhance the quality of their meat and poultry products.

These functional proteins will not only provide manufacturers with a clean label yield but also contribute to improved quality.

“Proteus has the added benefit of increasing moisture retention in meat and poultry products, resulting in juicier and more flavorful hot dogs.”

Courtney Schwartz, Marketing Director at Kemin Food Technologies – North America, emphasized the importance of consumer expectations in the food industry.

“Consumers expect their ready-to-eat meat products, such as hot dogs, to be safe from food safety risks, and they want them to contain easily recognizable ingredients and provide a positive eating experience,” she said.

She added that Kemin’s innovative solutions will directly address these consumer demands by helping hot dog manufacturers overcome challenges related to colour, flavour, and microbial safety.

Notably, both BactoCease and BactoCease NV have been proven effective in enhancing these qualities without compromising sensory attributes or other quality parameters.

In a rapidly evolving food industry where consumer preferences are at the forefront, Kemin’s BactoCease line of food safety ingredients promises to be a game-changer for hot dog manufacturers.

Not only does it enhance the shelf life and quality of products, but it also aligns with the clean label trend that is becoming increasingly important to today’s consumers.

With these innovative ingredients, hot dog manufacturers can meet and exceed consumer expectations while ensuring the safety and freshness of their products, securing a strong position in the competitive marketplace.

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