KENYA –  In sync with the global community, the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) has marked this year’s World Quality Day , emphasizing the importance of quality adherence and promoting homegrown products.

The event served as a platform to advocate for compliance with quality standards, consumer protection, environmental responsibility, and innovation.

During the celebration in Nairobi, Dr. Juma Mukhwana, Principal Secretary of the State Department for Industry, expressed concern over Kenya’s heavy reliance on imported goods that could be manufactured locally.

He stressed the need for Kenyans to recognize that importing products denies the country’s youth valuable job opportunities, urging citizens to support local industries and discourage the unnecessary importation of goods that can be produced within the country.

Dr. Mukhwana highlighted the government’s initiative to create manufacturing hubs in every county, encouraging skilled individuals to explore their ideas and contribute to local production.

He also called upon manufacturers to endorse the Buy Kenya Build Kenya initiative by labeling their products, thereby boosting the domestic manufacturing sector.

Peter Munyiri, Chairman of the National Standards Council, emphasized the importance of quality beyond the designated quality week.

He urged all Kenyans to embrace and prioritize quality in every sector, underscoring its role in the country’s progress and development.

KEBS Managing Director, Esther Ngari, outlined the Bureau’s ambitious plan to educate 24,000 Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) to instill a culture of quality adherence and empower grassroots entrepreneurs.

“KEBS has embarked on an ambitious journey to educate 24000 MSMEs to ingrain a mindset of quality adherence and to empower those in the grassroots. Quality is not just an abstract idea, it is a culture embedded in our lives,” she echoed.

Ngari urged everyone to uphold a commitment to excellence, ensuring that each step taken contributes to a future characterized by trustworthiness, reliability, and equality.

Under the theme “Realizing Your Competitive Potential,” this year’s World Quality Day celebrations reinforced the importance of embracing quality as a fundamental aspect of national progress.

Amidst the celebrations, KEBS also honoured industry players who have demonstrated relentless dedication to the highest standards of quality.

Brookside Dairy Limited, a dairy processing company in Kenya, was among the company’s recognized for their commitment to quality.

“Today, Brookside was honoured at the World Quality Day Kenya for having demonstrated relentless dedication to the highest standards of quality in its processes,” the company tweeted.

The World Quality Week is an annual event commemorated on every second week of the month of November.

This year’s theme is maximising your competitive potential. The celebrations are an important time to recognise and promote the significance of quality management systems, practitioners, improvement, and assurance processes across various industries.

The week typically involves activities, events, and discussions focused on quality-related themes, fostering awareness and best practices in maintaining high standards.

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