KENYA – The Kenya Dairy Board (KDB) has issued a stern warning to traders involved in the illicit trade of powdered milk, signaling a crackdown on illegal imports that are jeopardizing the local dairy industry.

With a substantial portion of the market being captured by unauthorized products, the Board is adamant in its commitment to protect farmers’ interests and uphold consumer safety.

Chairperson of the Kenya Dairy Board, Genesio Mugo, affirmed the government’s unwavering stance against the illegal powdered milk trade during an inspection tour of a local processing plant in Garissa.

Mugo emphasized the absence of permits for importing powdered milk, underlining the imperative to prioritize local dairy products from camels, cows, and goats to bolster the domestic market.

Asserting the importance of supporting homegrown dairy initiatives, Mugo reiterated the Board’s efforts to promote local milk consumption and discourage reliance on foreign imports.

With established entities like the Kenya Cooperative Creameries (KCC) contributing to the powdered milk market, Mugo expressed optimism about the influx of new investors to bridge any existing gaps.

Buoyed by favorable weather conditions, Mugo highlighted Kenya’s capacity to meet its milk demand through domestic production. With recent rains bolstering agricultural output, the country is poised to leverage its natural resources to sustainably address its dairy needs.

Managing Director of the Kenya Dairy Board, Margaret Kibogy, emphasized the Board’s proactive approach in empowering dairy farmers and stakeholders in non-traditional milk-producing regions like Garissa.

Through targeted training programs and expanded service provision, the Board aims to bolster dairy farming knowledge and infrastructure in underserved areas.

Crusade against illegal products

In collaboration with a multi-agency task force, Kibogy reaffirmed the Board’s resolve to clamp down on illegal dairy products, safeguarding the interests of local producers and consumers alike.

Just recently, the Kenyan police cracked down on a major contraband milk powder syndicate, seizing 32.5 tonnes at a godown along the Eastern Bypass in Nairobi.

Encouraging compliance with regulatory frameworks, Kibogy stressed the paramount importance of ensuring the safety and integrity of dairy products available in the market.

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