KENYA – Kenya’s proposed Food And Feed Safety Control Coordination Bill, 2023, has received a resounding endorsement from the Ministry of Health during a crucial session before the National Assembly Agriculture and Livestock Committee.

Led by the indomitable PS Public Health and Professional Standards, Mary Muthoni, the team fervently backed the bill, recognizing its potential to tackle the recurring specter of foodborne diseases that have plagued the country.

“This Bill is a critical step in effectively coordinating all authorities involved in food control, and it plays a pivotal role in ensuring food safety in our nation. The ministry stands firmly behind it,” said the PS Public Health.

With food and waterborne diseases implicated in over 200 reported cases, the Ministry emphasizes that enhancing food safety is not just a prudent decision but a life-saving imperative.

By uniting various public institutions responsible for ensuring food and feed products’ safety, the bill, launched last year, seeks to construct a formidable framework that would prevent further outbreaks and reduce healthcare expenses.

Crucially, the bill intends to empower both national and county government authorities with the mandate to conduct random tests on a diverse range of food products available in the market.

By implementing these tests, the authorities aim to curtail the alarming upswing in food poisoning incidents, ultimately ensuring that consumers can trust the safety of the food they consume.

During the pivotal engagement, the PS Public Health also submitted a series of proposed amendments on behalf of the Ministry, reports The Star.

These amendments are meticulously designed to address policy gaps, strengthen food safety measures, and enhance verification mechanisms.

Key among the changes is the establishment of the Office of the Controller, whose Board Chairperson will receive Presidential appointment. Furthermore, the bill seeks to create County Food and Feed Safety Control Coordinating Committees, making it a collaborative endeavor between national and regional authorities.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the bill is its emphasis on official analysis conducted only by designated laboratories. By entrusting competent authorities with this responsibility, the legislation takes an assertive approach towards eradicating subpar testing practices, thereby ensuring the efficacy of food and feed safety control measures.

With overwhelming support from legislators, it is clear that the bill has garnered consensus across party lines. Lawmakers unanimously acknowledge that the proposed legislation will bring about a robust and well-coordinated framework for food and feed safety.

Consequently, this united effort promises to elevate the nation’s food safety standards to unprecedented heights, fostering a healthier, happier future for all Kenyans.

As the bill progresses through the legislative process, it is evident that Kenya’s commitment to enhancing food safety is unyielding. This visionary stride not only safeguards the health of its people but also heralds Kenya’s position as a trailblazer in the pursuit of safer food practices worldwide.

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