U.S – Lightsense Technology, a pioneer in developing multi-spectroscopic solutions to address critical problems in public health as well as food safety and quality assurance in the food supply chain has partnered with Pure Norwegian Seafood to develop multi-spectral instruments based on Lightsense’s patented Enhanced Photodetection Spectroscopy (EPS) technology for detection of bacterial pathogens in salmon processing.

Pure Norwegian Seafood AS is a leader in the aquaculture farming of Atlantic Salmon in Norway. The company has long been a Label-Rouge certified supplier to the French market and has also been a regular supplier to some of the most demanding customers globally.

“We are very excited to partner with Lightsense Technology with their innovative multi-spectral solution for pathogen detection and believe that together we can bring a significant improvement to salmon processing and the aquaculture industry,” said Eldar Henden, CEO of Pure Norwegian Seafood AS.

Bacterial pathogens can result in discarding large quantities of salmon products with a severe financial impact.

Lightsense’s EPS technology has been shown to provide unique benefits in a recent research project sponsored by the US Department of Defense, which demonstrated that EPS technology can rapidly detect and identify corona viruses (including those causing Covid-19) in human saliva, as well as detecting bacterial pathogens, including in aqueous solutions.

“We are pleased to team with Pure Norwegian Seafood, a leader in marine aquaculture, to bring our combined unique and valuable insights to this important emerging area for protecting and enhancing our food supply via early pathogen detection,” said Terje Skotheim, Founder & CEO of Lightsense Technology.

According to PR Newswire, he noted that this was the start of a long but rewarding path toward truly breakthrough solutions that can help make the food supply safer and more economical, by providing better control over these ever-emerging complex biological risks.

EPS’s advanced high-sensitivity mini-spectrometer designs also enable new lightweight and inexpensive handheld devices to support solutions for food processing, and beyond.

These devices can address critical analytical and sensor problems in a wide range of large vertical markets in public health, such as monitoring bacterial pathogens in various parts of the food supply chain.

Pure Norwegian Seafood is specialized in high quality salmon as well as salmon egg production with a philosophy to deliver the best quality salmon from Norway.

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