U.S – Lisa R. Robinson has been chosen as the newest board member of Stop Foodborne Illness (STOP), a national nonprofit organization that promotes the adoption of effective food safety regulations and a shift in industry culture.

Robinson, who currently serves as Vice President of Global Food Safety and Public Health for Ecolab’s Research, Development & Engineering division, will start her board term right away.

As the functional leader of the company’s food safety and public health strategy, Lisa oversees a global network of divisionally coordinated food safety and public health team members.

She graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor’s in Food Science and a Master’s in Food Safety.

“I look forward to sharing food safety and public health strategies to move STOP’s important mission forward. Consumer advocacy groups like STOP work tirelessly to provide effective safety nets for the food industry through policy and practices, public awareness, and offering assistance to those who have been impacted by foodborne pathogens.

“STOP’s board is an impressive group of credentialed individuals matched with a desire to keep our food supply safe,” she said.

Ecolab Inc. is the world’s top provider of water, hygiene, and infection control products and services that safeguard people and essential resources.

“Lisa is a recognized expert in food safety and public health protocols and strategies. At Ecolab, she leads a global network of divisionally aligned food safety and public health team members. I anticipate Lisa greatly enriching our board,” says Mitzi D. Baum, CEO of STOP.

Robinson worked for SunOpta, Inc. for nine years before joining Ecolab, most recently as the company’s Vice President of Food Safety and Quality Assurance.

Prior to joining Target Corporation, Lisa worked for Pepsi Bottling Group, General Mills, Inc., and Schreiber Foods, Inc. in the areas of food safety and quality assurance.

The board approved Robinson’s appointment by a unanimous vote.

“Lisa’s expertise and engagement will support our mission of collaboration, advocacy, and mobilizing those negatively impacted by foodborne illness,” Baum said.

Founded in 1993 by those impacted by a deadly strain of E. coli, STOP continues to support and represent illness survivors, advance public understanding of foodborne illness, and support public policies and industry practices that strengthen prevention. 

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