GERMANY- Loryma, a leading German-based global producer renowned for its distributed wheat proteins and native and modified wheat starches, has unveiled an expanded portfolio of coating ingredients designed to elevate textures and flavors to new heights. 

Among the highlights of this expanded lineup is the Lory Crumb series, featuring a diverse range of extrudates available in various shapes and colors, specifically crafted for breadings.

Norbert Klein, the Head of Research and Development at Loryma, expressed enthusiasm about the innovative potential of their ingredients, stating, “Our ingredients offer manufacturers creative scope for innovative solutions.

The Lory Crumb range, a standout feature of Loryma’s offerings, promises to transform breadings into trendy, crunchy, and visually captivating creations. 

With options ranging from traditional granulated variants crafted from maize, rice, potato, and wheat to more exotic shapes like triangles, crescents, discs, and balls, manufacturers are afforded unparalleled flexibility in creating unique culinary experiences. 

These functional ingredients not only enhance the texture of breadings but also ensure high color stability, adding to the visual appeal of coated products.

Complementing the Lory Crumb series is the Lory Starch portfolio, comprising native and modified starches curated to optimize adhesion and crispiness in batters, tempura coatings, and dustings. 

Noteworthy additions to this portfolio include Lory Starch Saphire Pure, recognized for its strong adhesion and stability in food processing, and Lory Starch Solaris, a modified wheat starch prized for its ability to control viscosity and maintain stability during processing. 

Additionally, Lory Starch Achat, with its exceptional ability to keep viscosity low even at high temperatures, promises to enhance the crispiness and adhesion of tempura coatings.

Furthermore, these advanced ingredients meet the increasing demand for plant-based products, aligning with Loryma’s dedication to innovation in this field. 

In a previous project, the company presented a vegan fish product idea that utilized functional wheat ingredients to imitate the texture of fish muscle tissue, demonstrating their flexible approach that can be used in various applications, such as vegan fried fish or fillets.

Furthermore, Loryma’s wheat-based vegan minced meat concept offers comparable protein content to its conventional counterpart, with reduced fat, fewer saturated fatty acids, and added dietary fiber.

With the unveiling of their enhanced coating ingredients, Loryma continues to lead the way in culinary innovation, providing manufacturers with the tools to create tantalizing plant-based alternatives and elevate the sensory experience of coated products to unprecedented levels.

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