KENYA – Police in Embakasi, Nairobi, have confiscated contraband milk valued at Sh3 million (U.S$ 18494). 

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) highlighted the significance of the operation, emphasizing the commitment to rid the nation of contrabands and uphold food safety standards.

The seized contraband included a variety of milk brands, with over 10,000 tins originating from Saudi Arabia, reports The Star. Additionally, two suspects were apprehended with contraband milk products from Malaysia, underlining the international scope of the illicit trade.

The DCI moved to process the two suspects for arraignment, signaling a determined stance against those involved in the illegal trade of contraband milk. This decisive action aligns with ongoing efforts to enforce stringent measures for food safety.

This recent operation follows closely on the heels of a similar bust in Eastleigh, where contraband milk products valued at Sh10 million (U.S$ 61,648) were recovered just two days prior. In that instance, seven suspects were arrested and subsequently charged with three counts before being released on a Sh2 million (U.S$ 12329) bond.

Inside, authorities unearthed an astonishing stash, including 1150 bags of milk powder weighing 25 kilograms each, spanning five different brands.

The illicit inventory further included 289 bags, each weighing 25 kilograms, of maize corn starch, hinting at the scope and diversity of the contraband operation.

A truck accompanied by 17 empty drums suspected to be used for transporting ethanol, was also discovered within the godown.

The brands identified in the contraband haul encompassed global origins, with 181 bags of Fresh Dairy from Brookside Uganda, 421 bags of Gardo from New Zealand, 485 bags of Non-Dairy Creamer from China, 56 bags of SAMA from New Zealand, and 6 bags of Lato from Uganda.

Additionally, 289 bags of maize corn starch originating from India were part of the illicit collection.

The success of these operations is credited to a collaborative effort involving the Kenya Dairy Board and Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) officers.

In a similar incident last year, the two authorities recovered 16 tonnes of illegally imported powdered milk in the Eastleigh area, Nairobi.

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