UGANDA – Mandela Millers, a subsidiary of the Mandela Group of Companies, has received ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System Certifications from the Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) for upholding stringent protocols throughout its food production processes.

The achievement makes the Mandela Millers the first and only flour manufacturer in Uganda to receive the award, affirming its commitment towards the wellbeing and safety of its customers.

The certificate was presented to the company’s Founder and Executive Director Ahmed Omar Mandela by Patricia Bageine Ejalu, the Deputy Executive Director of Standards at UNBS, during an award ceremony held at the company’s premises in Busega.

Bageine highlighted that Mandela Millers has implemented comprehensive control measures throughout its processing cycle to ensure that food safety is monitored from start to finish.  

According to her, the certification is internationally accredited, making Mandela Millers’ food products not only safe for Ugandans but also for consumers worldwide.

“As a food processing company, Mandela Millers has looked at the entire food processing system. It means the level of contamination is limited to as best as zero. This is what food management systems are all about,” she said.

Samuel Musyoka, the Quality Assurance Manager and Food Safety Team Leader at Mandela Millers, highlighted the significant growth the company has experienced over five years of existence, culminating in the ISO 22000 certification.

Achieving this certification involved monitoring the entire food processing chain, from raw material reception to storage, production, packaging, and dispatch, to prevent food safety hazards, reports New Vision.

Founded in 2018, Mandela Millers is a wheat and maize milling company. Currently, the company produces eight products from wheat and maize product; with Supreme Home Baking Flour being its flagship product.

The company has an installed capacity of 300 tonnes of wheat per day for wheat and 72 tonnes for maize flour.

Gerald Ssendawula, the former Minister of Finance, commended Mandela Millers for its achievement and expressed confidence that the company would double its production capacity to meet national and international market demands following the international certification.

He also noted the significant gap in the supply of quality animal feeds in the country, which Mandela Millers aims to address by manufacturing affordable, high-quality animal feeds for both national and international markets.

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