U.S – Mettler-Toledo, a leading provider of inspection systems for the food industry, has introduced a significant update to their ProdX inspection device management software. 

Version 2.6, unveiled at Pack Expo Las Vegas, revolutionizes the way processors monitor their inspection equipment and collect crucial data for ensuring food safety, regulatory compliance, and operational efficiencies.

Designed to support a wide range of bulk and packaged food applications, ProdX seamlessly integrates with Mettler-Toledo’s metal detectors, checkweighers, x-ray systems, and vision inspection systems. 

With the latest update, the software offers a range of advanced features that enable remote monitoring, automated reporting, and effortless data management.

Robert Rogers, Senior Adviser of Food Safety and Regulations at Mettler-Toledo, emphasized the significance of the software update: “ProdX has some valuable new capabilities that help customers better meet safety standards while simplifying use. With this software, food processors and contract packers can maximize product quality, prove due diligence, and enhance operational efficiency through seamless digital documentation.”

Enhanced web dashboard for intuitive monitoring

ProdX 2.6 introduces an optimized web dashboard that emulates the user experience of smart devices. This intuitive interface allows users to effortlessly monitor reject numbers, review contamination events, and generate reports from any in-network PC using a web client—no app downloads required. 

The streamlined access to real-time data simplifies decision-making and promotes proactive problem-solving.

Streamlined login and automated reporting

The updated ProdX software enables workers to use their ProdX login credentials to log into their Mettler-Toledo inspection equipment, eliminating the need for separate login information. This unified login system enhances user convenience and streamlines the authentication process.

Moreover, ProdX 2.6 facilitates automated reporting by enabling the generation of final evaluations and summary reports. Processors can automatically trigger a final evaluation at the end of every product run, shift, or day, ensuring data integrity before it is cleared. 

Additionally, customized daily, weekly, and monthly reports can be programmed and delivered in various formats, allowing for easy analysis and identifying opportunities for process improvement.

Enhanced changeover flexibility and X-Ray system validation

With ProdX 2.6, the changeover of Mettler-Toledo product inspection systems becomes more flexible and efficient. Processors can choose to change over all their inspection systems at once or select specific equipment, either from a master device or remotely. This feature streamlines production transitions and minimizes downtime.

For Mettler-Toledo’s x-ray systems, ProdX 2.6 introduces the new Product Validation capability. It prevents unauthorized changes to product settings and visually confirms that the system is operating with an established validated recipe. 

Any modifications made to parameters are logged and recorded, ensuring traceability and accountability.

ProdX 2.6 is available for both new and existing Mettler-Toledo inspection systems, offering seamless integration and enhanced functionality. The software is also compatible with select third-party checkweighers, broadening its application across diverse production environments.

As food manufacturers strive to meet stringent quality standards and regulatory requirements, Mettler-Toledo’s ProdX 2.6 empowers them with cutting-edge tools for remote inspection device management, simplified reporting, and enhanced process efficiencies. 

By leveraging this advanced software solution, companies can bolster their commitment to food safety while optimizing their operations in an increasingly competitive industry.

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