U.S – Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection has released a new software update that offers useful enhancements that can increase productivity and make compliance simpler for its M30 R-Series metal detection systems. 

The M30 R-Series is the first Mettler-Toledo product family created with the cutting-edge SENSE software technology, taking metal detection to new heights of intelligence and creativity.

The highly inventive SENSE software meets numerous food safety requirements and standards faced by manufacturers all over the world while providing greater metal detection security and performance capabilities at a reasonable price.

“This next level in SENSE is a huge leap in the metal detection field. By automating the processes further, we can now offer our customers a game-changing way to future-proof their production lines, resulting in less room for human error and more consistent productivity and efficiency. 

“The digitalization of data reporting and storing also offers manufacturers the chance to improve their green credentials at a time when increased sustainability is so fundamental. We are looking forward to sharing this new technology with our customers and prospects at Interpack in May,”  said Rob Stevens, Metal Detection Systems Product Inspection Specialist, Mettler-Toledo.

Where the upgraded SENSE metal detector software really stands out, according to Mettler – Toledo, is in the future-proof benefits available to manufacturers and co-packers.

The M30 R-Series metal detecting equipment may now seamlessly interact with ProdX data management software thanks to the improved software.

As a result, processes are optimized, inspection activities are automatically reported, data collecting is simple and real-time at the push of a button, data storage is streamlined and paperless, and information retrieval is quick.

The insight derived from the supplied data promotes complete visibility and transparency of the product journey and aids in the digitalization of food safety compliance.  

SENSE software offers PMR Log and Report features and capabilities for simple filtering of historical Performance Monitoring Routine (PMR) testing data to help increase operational efficiencies.

This effective digital method is claimed to provide instant access to data that may be easily used to support management reporting. Additionally, it increases the effectiveness of the production line and reduces the likelihood of human error significantly.  

The system offers an end-to-end, structured, and guided performance test process, from initiation to reporting, including test due notifications, a guided test process wizard, test frequency, and scheduling. It does this with the use of an innovative PMR Wizard.  

Global producers have flexibility because of the software’s ability to put up items using either imperial or metric values and the ability to individually customize the HMI language.

Moreover, the smart SENSE software provides a number of automation features. Automatic product setup reduces any operating problems and enables high detection sensitivity for all sorts of ferrous and non-ferrous metal contaminants as well as stainless steel pollutants.

Human error is significantly decreased when there is no need for operator interaction, which contributes to enhanced functionality and higher output.

Since everything is stored digitally instead of on paper, the improved automation gives manufacturers and co-packers the chance to increase their corporate social responsibility (CSR) while also improving sustainability across their production lines.  

Mettler Toledo insinuates that manufacturers can now easily comply with the Global Food Safety Initiative’s (GFSI) standards thanks to improvements made to the SENSE metal detector software.

To access the new capabilities, existing Mettler-Toledo M30 R-Series metal detectors can now be updated with the latest version of SENSETM. The most recent SENSE software will come pre-installed on every new device you buy, says the company.

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