TANZANIA – MICO International Halal Bureau of Certification (MIHB), a limited liability entity in Tanzania founded to ensure processed food meets internationally acceptable halal (Islamic sharia compliance), has obtained international recognition by receiving a Halal affiliation certificate, from Hafsa Halal Certification & food Import and Export Limited of Turkey.

Halal certification is a process which ensures the features and quality of the products are according to the rules established by the Islamic Council that allow the use of the mark Halal.

It is mainly applied to meat products and other food products such as milk, canned food and additives.

The certificate makes Tanzania have for the first time a company that has all international qualifications of Halal certification which is the agent of the Muslim Council of Tanzania (Bakwata).

The handover ceremony was held in Dar es Salaam over the weekend and graced by the representative of Mufti, Musa Bin Hemed, representatives of Hafsa Halal Certification and Food Import and Export Limited of Turkey, Murat Bayka and Jalal Sahal and other Bakwata officials.

Speaking at the occasion, Treasurer of Bakwata, Sheikh Said Mwenda, explicated that the certificate was attained after Bakwata through its agent MICO International Halal Bureau Limited in collaboration with Hafsa of Turkey, conducted training to its staff to make them competent to handle Halal products.

He said Hafsa Halal Certification and Food Import and Export Limited in collaboration with MICO Halal started the training in March this year through a zoom meeting which proceeded until first July this year when they qualified for international standards.

Staff who undertook Halal training will continue to educate people about Halal in all regions in the Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar.

The company can now issue Halal certificates to different products like meat meant for consumption and also for exportation.

Sheikh Musa Bin Hemed, the Mufti representative noted that Tanzanian products will be easily accepted in the international market especially meat and boost the country’s economy through the various taxes that will be imposed.

“Many countries do not accept products which are not Halal certified thus its acquisition means from now on our products will penetrate everywhere in the world, an achievement we must be proud of,

“We were making losses because our Tanzanian companies were forced to find Halal certification outside the country when they needed to export their products but now that is no longer the case because we have our own MICO Halal certification which is the agent of Bakwata,” he commented,

In order to improve Halal services in the country, Bakwata and its partner MICO Halal International have requested the government to enable them have a modern Halal laboratory.