KENYA—Millers for Nutrition, a global coalition network aimed at enhancing access to nutritious foods, has officially launched in Kenya, heralding a new era for the milling industry.

Powered by TechnoServe in partnership with the Cereal Millers Association (CMA), the initiative aims to enhance the food safety of products rolled out from milling companies in the face of malnutrition and food safety due to Aflatoxin.

CMA represents about 40% of maize millers and over 90% of wheat millers.

The launch event was attended by key government officials, including Trade and Industry Cabinet Secretary Rebecca Miano, representatives from the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture, and the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS).

Speaking during the event, Miano lauded the millers’ move, underscoring the need for entrenched collaboration.

By adopting such a multifaceted approach to nutrition, we can create a sustainable framework for addressing the complex challenges posed by malnutrition while at the same time promoting health and wellbeing for all,” she said.

Paloma Fernandes, CEO of CMA, expressed her enthusiasm for the initiative’s potential impact, saying that the launch in Kenya signifies a major step forward.

By focusing on transparency and accountability, we can drive an industry-wide ‘race to the top’ in fortification standards, complementing regulatory efforts to improve nutritional quality and compliance,” said Fernandes.

She emphasized CMA’s commitment to supporting millers with the technical resources needed to elevate their fortification practices.

Food fortification involves adding essential micronutrients like iron, zinc, folic acid, vitamins, and iodine to staple foods, significantly boosting their nutritional value.

On his part, Rizwan Yusufali, TechnoServe’s Millers for Nutrition Program Director asserted that the body will provide an opportunity for millers in the country to compare notes as well as raising the standards bar to ensure Kenyans are safe.

Our new members in Kenya are committed to fortification excellence and product quality, which directly improves the lives of the people they serve. Through practical tools, expert training, and shared best practices, Millers for Nutrition will empower millers to adopt and excel in food fortification,” Yusufali stated.

He also noted that good fortification practices could become a competitive business advantage by enhancing members’ brand awareness.

Millers who join the body and pledge to enhance the nutritious value of their food will be eligible for free technical help, including tailored training, business advice, product testing support, and access to online resources.

These resources are designed to help millers reduce compliance risks, enhance production efficiency, and ultimately improve the nutritional quality of their products.

A central feature of Millers for Nutrition is the Kenya Millers Fortification Index (KMFI), an innovative self-regulatory tool that allows millers to evaluate their performance against established quality benchmarks.

During the launch, the winners of this year’s KMFI Awards were announced, celebrating local food brands that have excelled in enhancing the nutritional quality of their products.

The awards highlighted the commitment of these brands to public health and their leadership in the food fortification landscape.

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