WORLD – Neogen, a leading provider of environmental monitoring solutions for the food and beverage industry, is helping companies reduce risk by increasing access and visibility to food safety testing results.

It has availed their Neogen Analytics Environmental monitoring program to qualified food and beverage manufacturers for an entire year, at no cost.

The corporation will waive the Neogen Analytics EMP workflow automation module licensing fee for a period of one year, removing the up-front financial uncertainty associated with adopting new technology, such as automating EMP functions.

Further it will provide full-service support of the platform to help FSQA teams maximize the value of the platform for their businesses during the waiver period.

The Neogen Analytics EMP, powered by Corvium, facilitates remote tracking of multiple processing plant sites, centralizes environmental testing data, automates reporting for compliance and conformance, and improves food safety and quality for food companies and consumers.

Pros of the Technology

Food processors using Neogen Analytics EMP can eliminate time-consuming and error-prone manual data entry, reducing risks associated with delays or mishandled lab communications.

 The digital cloud-based platform enables food safety and quality assurance (FSQA) teams gain transparency into company-wide food safety testing metrics in order to instantly address any arising safety or quality issues.

 It automates testing and response workflows, assuring the right corrective actions are designated and completed.

The platform also analyzes diagnostic lab data and generates real-time alerts and management reports.

For Colorado Premium, a large manufacturer of premium protein products, Neogen Analytics will lead to better visibility and control over the safety and quality programs:

“By providing new visibility and control of our food safety programs, it allows us to improve resource allocation and empower our food safety professionals to maintain our high food safety standards and continue to reduce risk,”

“Having complete control of our sanitation and pathogen testing programs gives us more confidence in the entire process,” said John Ruby, Vice President of Food Safety and Quality at Colorado Premium.

The product ensures real time access to accurate reports required for audits and inspections.

This fundamentally alters the way brands work with auditors and regulatory inspectors, providing, for the first time, access to fully transparent processes and documentation at a moment’s notice.

Return on investment for the platform is significant, as customers find immediate value with reduced food risk, improved production efficiencies, better consistency of product quality, and increased employee and customer satisfaction.

 Leading food and beverage suppliers utilize the Neogen analytics platform to streamline and optimize key functions within food safety programs including environmental monitoring, product testing, sanitation management, compliance and conformance, and reporting and analytics.

A shift in customer needs during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as demands for greater transparency in food safety and initiatives such as the FDA’s Blueprint for a new era of smarter food safety point toward increasing expectations, rules and eventual mandates food and beverage companies to implement data-driven environmental monitoring programs.

“COVID-19 has accelerated the food industry’s movement toward its goal of automating and centralizing data collection for immediate visibility and response,

“Disruption of the industry over the last 12 months has made it even more imperative to move away from manual safety and quality monitoring and adopt intelligent platforms that offer visibility into all of a company’s facilities, whether around the block or around the globe,” said John Adent President and CEO of Neogen.