USANeogen Corporation has solidified a significant genomics relationship with Performance Food Group (PFGC), marking Neogen as the official genomics provider for the food group’s PathProven service.

This alliance aims to elevate food traceability and quality assurance within the protein supply chain.

Performance Food Group stands as an industry leader, boasting a vast network of over 150 locations across North America. Renowned for its commitment to delivering quality food and related products, Performance Food Group serves a diverse clientele spanning restaurants, businesses, schools, healthcare facilities, and retailers.

Leveraging Neogen’s world-leading DNA testing capabilities, the company’s PathProven food trace technology gains unparalleled precision in tracing food products back to their origins, whether from the feedlot, ocean, or farm. This robust traceability framework empowers inspection and regulation of the entire production process, ensuring both the quality and authenticity of food products.

The collaboration with Performance Food Group presents a transformative opportunity for Neogen to contribute to enhanced efficiency and sustainability within the protein supply chain. By integrating genomics technology into sourcing programs, the partnership aims to drive greater efficiencies across protein production processes.

Performance Food Group’s commitment to transparency is exemplified through its verifiable program utilizing DNA testing.

With flagship beef program, Braveheart Black Angus Beef, the company sets a new standard in beef programs by employing rigorous PathProven Program and DNA testing to verify Angus genetics.

Neogen’s advanced genomics solutions play a pivotal role in distinguishing Performance Food Group’s program from others, reinforcing its dedication to quality and authenticity.

With a robust portfolio spanning Food Safety, Livestock, and Pet Health & Wellness markets, Neogen leverages science and technology to develop comprehensive solutions. Operating in over 140 countries, Neogen’s dedicated network of scientists and technical experts ensures the delivery of optimized products and technology to customers worldwide.

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