UGANDA – The National Agricultural Research Organisation (NARO) has witnessed a change of guard as four newly appointed Directors officially assume their positions of leadership.

The move comes as part of good succession planning, ensuring a seamless transition to avoid operational gaps. The new Directors now form part of NARO’s Top Management (TPM) under the leadership of the Director General, Dr. Yona Baguma.

NARO is a government institution in Uganda responsible for agricultural research and development. Established in 2005, NARO plays a crucial role in supporting the country’s agricultural sector through research, innovation, and technology transfer.

The four newly appointed Directors and their respective positions are; Dr. Swidiq Mugerwa: Deputy Director of Research Coordination, succeeding Dr. George Lukwago; Dr. Steven Kisaka: Director of Corporate Services, replacing Professor Justus Rutaisaire; Mark Serembe: Director of Human Resources, taking over from Robert Bagonza; CPA Tegiike Julius Mununuzi: Director Finance and Accounts, succeeding Mrs. Mary Kiggundu.

The positions became available in April 2023 when the NARO Governing Council (NGC) advertised the job openings for six Directors, four of whom were to be based at the Secretariat, and two at the Institutes.

The successful candidates were appointed after a rigorous shortlisting and interview process, ensuring the best fit for each role.

Dr. Yona Baguma, Director General of NARO, warmly welcomed the new Directors, acknowledging the strong leadership that has driven NARO’s progress over the past three decades.

He expressed gratitude to the outgoing Directors for their dedicated service, which contributed to NARO’s significant growth and success.

As the newly appointed leaders, Dr. Baguma tasked them with upholding NARO’s esteemed reputation and striving to innovate for sustainable agricultural transformation. He emphasized the importance of teamwork and collaboration, urging the staff to support and work alongside the new Directors to ensure NARO continues to serve the country effectively.

The welcome event was attended by the predecessors of the new Directors, who handed over their responsibilities and related assets to ensure a smooth transition. This tradition of handing over to new leaders, akin to a relay race, underscores NARO’s commitment to continuity and progress.

The newly appointed Directors expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to serve NARO and vowed to uphold its legacy of innovation and excellence. They pledged to work diligently to contribute to the organization’s development and promote its mission of sustainable agricultural transformation.

With the new management in place, NARO looks forward to a new chapter of progress and impact, continuing its vital role in advancing agricultural research and development in Uganda.

As NARO forges ahead, the nation can expect innovative solutions and sustainable practices that will contribute to the growth of the agricultural sector and improve the livelihoods of farmers and communities across the country.

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