Application of New Technologies

Technological advancements are of vital importance in the food, agri and pharmaceutical industry, and especially so in the management of food safety and quality in Africa.

Even as technology advances at break-neck speed across the World, Africa remains at a significant disadvantage in developing and absorbing these new developments due to inadequate technological awareness and lack of funding.

Be it new advanced technologies including blockchain, pathogen detection systems, artificial intelligence, additive manufacturing or 3D printing, novel preservation technologies, new food processing and packaging techniques, and new microbial and chemical testing techniques, the future of Africa’s food, agriculture and pharmaceutical industry is hinged on gradually adopting the latest technologies to ensure it does not remain behind as the rest of the world moves on to the next technological innovation.

The Africa Food Safety & Quality Summit brings together the World’s most impactful technology companies and innovators to showcase the latest technological innovations that can be adopted to Africa’s unique environment, while remaining in tune with Africa’s capabilities and unique challenges and opportunities.

Critical Issues in the Adoption of New Technologies in Africa

How can Africa close the technological gap that exists in the Continent in comparison with the rest of the World? What is the role of technology providers in improving access to appropriate technology by private and public enterprises in Africa?
How do we make new technologies more relevant to Africa's unique needs and challenges? How do we reduce the cost of new technologies to enable Africa adopt latest technologies despite budgetary constraints?
How can the contribution of Africa's academic, research institutions and private sector to the creation and adoption of the latest technologies be enhanced? What kind of private-public partnerships can be improve local research outcomes?