NIGERIA – Mallam Kashifu Abdullahi, the Director-General of the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), has underscored the critical role of digital trust and international standards in shaping Nigeria’s digitization policies.

His remarks came during a digital policy workshop organized by the British Standards Institution (BSI) in Abuja.

Abdullahi emphasized NITDA’s pivotal role in setting standards for digital transformation, positioning the agency as a key player in fostering collaboration between NITDA, the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON), and the British Government.

The objective is to enhance digital trust and adoption in Nigeria.

Abdullahi shed light on the strategic plans laid out by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu for economic diversification through technological innovation.

He highlighted the Minister of Communications, Innovation, and Digital Economy, Dr. Bosun Tijani’s strategic plan with five pillars: knowledge, policy, infrastructure, innovation (entrepreneurship & capital), and trade.

Expanding on NITDA’s eight-pillar roadmap, Abdullahi reiterated the Agency’s commitment to building digital trust across various sectors. He emphasized the importance of having standards and guidelines for digital services, particularly in the context of developing standards for the Nigerian digital public infrastructure.

Abdullahi acknowledged the challenges faced in Nigeria, especially in e-commerce and online transactions, highlighting their impact on trust.

He expressed optimism that the adoption of international standards can restore confidence in digital transactions, envisioning a future of automated transactions and electronically generated invoices.

The Director-General looks forward to international collaboration with organizations like the SON and bodies like the BSI, envisioning a stronger and mutually productive relationship. He emphasized the need for collaborative efforts to ensure Nigeria’s integration into the global ecosystem.

Dr. Nigel Croft, the team lead of the British Standards Institution (BSI), commended the collaboration and highlighted upcoming training sessions aiming to align Nigeria’s standards with global best practices.

The workshop facilitated discussions, sharing experiences, addressing challenges, and exploring ways to transform public services via international standards.

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