KENYA – In a bid to prioritize the safety and integrity of food production and distribution, Nyandarua Governor Dr. Moses Badilisha Kiarie is spearheading efforts to review and implement the Nyandarua County Food and Feed Safety Policy Bill.

This proactive measure aims to ensure that food is produced, processed, distributed, and marketed in a manner that safeguards both human and animal consumption.

Chief Officer for Agriculture, David Wakaba, emphasized the policy’s focus on promoting consumer interests through equitable practices in food trade, while simultaneously fostering economic growth and development.

The strategic alignment of regulatory frameworks with consumer needs underscores the county’s commitment to upholding high standards of food safety and quality, reports Kilimo News.

Under the purview of the Bill, the Njabini Agricultural Training Centre (ATC) is poised to receive accreditation as an Agricultural Technical, Vocational, Educational, and Training Center. This pivotal designation will enable the center to offer a competency-based curriculum and confer recognized certificates, providing learners with enhanced opportunities for further education and skills development.

Mr. Wakaba highlighted the significance of recognizing prior learning, particularly for learners who may lack formal educational credentials such as the Kenya Certificate for Secondary Education. This inclusive approach aims to provide pathways for individuals to access educational and economic opportunities, contributing to broader socio-economic empowerment within the community.

Collaborative efforts to improve nutrition

In collaboration with CARE International (Kenya) and the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), the Governor commenced negotiations last year to enhance coordination and implementation of effective policies and legislation to improve nutrition status across the County.

The project seeks to bolster food security and reduce malnutrition among women of reproductive age and children under five, aligning with the Governor’s transformative CHANGE Manifesto.

The Governor is committed to aligning policy documents with key national indicators and demographic health survey findings. By integrating insights from the Kenya Nutrition Action Plan and other strategic frameworks, Nyandarua County aims to optimize its efforts in addressing nutrition challenges and promoting holistic development.

The project is being carried out under the Dutch-funded CAtalyzing Strengthened policy aCtion for heAlthy Diets and resiliencE (CASCADE) project.

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