UGANDA – In response to the proliferation of counterfeit agricultural chemicals flooding Uganda’s market, Parliament has made a decisive move to disband the Agricultural Chemicals Control Board and transfer its functions to the Ministry of Agriculture.

This decision comes amid mounting concerns over the Board’s perceived inaction in combating the influx of fake and adulterated agro-inputs.

With accusations of negligence and ineffective oversight leveled against the Agricultural Chemicals Control Board, Parliament has intervened to streamline government agencies and enhance efficiency in managing agricultural inputs.

MPs cited the Board’s failure to adequately address the growing presence of counterfeit chemicals as a pressing concern necessitating immediate action, according to New Vision.

Minister of State for Industries, David Bahati, defended the proposal to disband the Board, emphasizing the need to integrate its functions into the Ministry of Agriculture for more effective service delivery.

Chairperson of the Agriculture Committee, Janet Okori-Moe, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the Board’s reluctance to engage with Parliament and its perceived redundancy in light of the Ministry’s capacity to oversee similar regulatory duties.

Despite the decision to dissolve the Board, Parliament acknowledges the need for a smooth transition process to ensure continuity and proper winding up of operations.

Concerns regarding the unaccounted properties of the entity highlight the importance of allowing sufficient time for transition and winding up processes, with the Committee recommending a commencement date within three months of assent to the proposal.

The prevalence of counterfeit agricultural chemicals poses a grave threat to Uganda’s agricultural sector, impacting farmers’ livelihoods and jeopardizing food security.

By disbanding the Agricultural Chemicals Control Board and transferring its functions to the Ministry of Agriculture, Parliament aims to bolster regulatory efforts and mitigate the proliferation of fake agro-inputs, safeguarding the integrity of Uganda’s agricultural industry.

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