U.S – Procurant, a cloud-based software company transforming the global food supply chain, has announced the release of Procurant Inspect, a mobile software solution that accelerates and modernizes the perishable goods inspection process at retail grocery distribution centers.

Procurant Inspect is a mobile application that runs on any standard tablet device. The solution simplifies the labor-intensive process of inspecting produce and other perishables at distribution centers.

What previously was managed using clipboards and pen-and-paper documentation moves to mobile tablets and digital files with multi-dimensional ratings to capture a complete quality profile.

“Procurant Inspect is a game changer for retailers, essentially linking the produce receiving docks to the buyers and sellers of fresh produce. It helps produce inspectors be more effective and enables all supply chain participants to have up-to-the-minute information and long-term trend data about the quality of inbound products,” said Kevin Brooks, Chief Marketing Officer, Procurant.

In addition, Procurant Inspect integrates with the Procurant One platform, where buyers and suppliers are already managing shipment information and purchase orders.

This integrated approach supports advanced analytics into supplier performance and quality, and provides instant visibility to all parties if rejections occur.

Procurant Inspect features include commodity-specific USDA standard defect lists, instant visibility into inspection status and scores for buyers using Procurant One and advanced search capability for inspectors to quickly identify orders.

The software also has on-demand load rejection reports with details, images and comments together with inspection analytics with summaries of inspections and supplier scores.

Procurant Connect

The company has also released a new module within the Procurant One platform known as Procurant Connect. The new module consolidates critical third-party information for retail buyers and their trading partners and provides quick access to this information during the procurement process.

Procurant Connect builds on Procurant One’s open network architecture, providing a hub for produce supply chain data that can be easily customized and personalized, as reported by Business Wire.

“Procurement of perishable goods is a high velocity, information-hungry process. Buyers and sellers need to be able to quickly find relevant data and put it to use in context, and that is exactly what our new Connect module offers. We see this as just the beginning, as we have plans to bring even more data and services to our customers this year,” said Brooks.

Procurant Connect integrates external data sources into Procurant One, a leading procurement platform for retail grocers and their perishable goods suppliers. Users can access it to quickly get information about commodity pricing and recall notices.

“Having recall information, from Procurant Connect, right in my Procurant One dashboard will be very helpful. Now, I have to search for recall information in news articles and data from subscriptions. Procurant Connect is a great addition to Procurant One, which has already improved my daily routines since our buyer traded up to Procurant,” said Noemi Aguilar, Account Manager, Duda Farms Fresh Foods.

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