U.S – Puratos, a leading global supplier of bakery, patisserie, and chocolate products, has introduced a new clean-label baking ingredient named Intens Soft & Fine. 

Positioned as an alternative to mono- and diglycerides, this new ingredient is designed to elevate the texture and quality of baked goods over their shelf life, catering to a wide range of products such as toast bread, hamburger buns, brioche, panettone, and donuts.

According to Puratos, Intens Soft & Fine incorporates a unique blend of enzyme technologies that specifically addresses the need to replace more expensive ingredients like lipases, full-fat soy flour, and monoglycerides. 

This development is a significant step in providing bakers and bakery manufacturers with a cost-efficient emulsifier alternative without compromising on the desired texture and quality of the end product.

Michael Gleason, Senior Product Manager for Bakery at Puratos USA, emphasized the importance of enzymes in delivering texture, appearance, and freshness to bread in a clean-label manner. 

He stated, “With Intens Soft & Fine, Puratos can now offer a revolutionary clean label solution that aligns with consumer expectations while providing a cost-efficient emulsifier alternative for bakers and bakery manufacturers seeking innovative solutions.”

The company utilized a sensory technique called Temporal Dominance of Sensations (TDS) to evaluate the dominant attributes perceived during bread consumption over time. 

Test results demonstrated a clear distinction between bread with and without Intens Soft & Fine. The bread containing this innovative ingredient exhibited a dominant soft sensation, increased moistness, and a shorter bite.

This clean-label solution comes at a time when consumers are increasingly seeking transparent and natural ingredients in their food products. 

Puratos’ commitment to addressing this demand while maintaining the sensory qualities of baked goods underscores its dedication to innovation and consumer satisfaction.

The launch of Intens Soft & Fine marks a significant advancement in the baking industry, providing bakers with a versatile and cost-effective solution to meet the evolving demands of today’s health-conscious and discerning consumers.

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