Quality & Laboratory Management

The quest to have a world class food safety system faces the challenge of inadequately resourced and managed quality and laboratory infrastructure across Africa.

African countries face a daunting task in recruiting and training adequate and skilled personnel to manage laboratories, while funding and knowledge gaps hinder the adoption of the latest quality and laboratory management technologies that are desperately needed in Africa.

Beyond the people, inadequate quality and laboratory management infrastructure and supplies, including physical laboratories, equipment, reagents and software technologies continue to hinder the adoption of the latest practices and testing mechanisms across the Continent.

The gap that exists in the people and the quality and laboratory infrastructure has opened doors frustrated customers and unreliable and inaccurate testing results that further erode the confidence of consumers in the food safety and quality management systems.

At the Africa Food Safety & Quality Summit’s conference sessions, the latest quality and laboratory management technologies and practices are discovered and shared with the key stakeholders from across the Continent.

At the Expo Hall, the latest quality management and laboratory technologies covering the entire scope of physical, chemical and microbiological testing, processing, supply chain and engineering technologies that are appropriate to Africa’s budding agriculture, food and pharmaceutical value chains are on display. 

Critical Issues in Quality & Lab Management in Africa

How can African countries build the capacity of local laboratories to deliver on the broader mandate of a safer food safety system in the region? What kind of public-private partnerships can African countries adopt to improve funding for critical laboratory infrastructure?
How can the region fast-track the establishment of the proposed regional reference laboratory (ies) in Africa? What are some of the critical laboratory technologies that can be adopted quickly to improve access to quality testing facilities in the Continent?
How can African countries build the right technical capacity of its industry and regulators to manage testing laboratories? What is the role of suppliers of technologies in improving access to the right testing technologies in Africa?