UK – Queen’s University Belfast (QUB) and MOBILion Systems, Inc. have joined forces to develop innovative methods and tools for the rapid identification of contaminants in food products.

The collaboration brings together the expertise of QUB’s renowned ASSET Technology Centre, under the leadership of Professor Chris Elliott, and MOBILion’s cutting-edge technology in mass spectrometry, led by Nick Birse, a lecturer at QUB’s Institute for Global Food Security.

By leveraging QUB’s extensive sample libraries and analytical capabilities, coupled with MOBILion’s MOBIE platform known for its exceptional resolution, increased throughput, and reproducibility, the collaboration seeks to set new standards in food safety testing.

“We’re thrilled to be collaborating with MOBILion and Agilent to introduce the first MOBIE instrument in the UK and second in Europe,” stated Nick Birse.

“This advancement will significantly bolster our food security research within Queen’s University Belfast. The MOBIE system’s ability to accelerate testing by up to 60-fold means we can analyze more samples, improving our chances of detecting contaminants and ensuring food and feed safety.”

The integration of the MOBIE platform into the ASSET Technology Centre showcases QUB’s commitment to advancing research in agriculture, veterinary, and food science, as evidenced by its No.1 ranking in these fields in 2022. This collaboration aligns with QUB’s vision of conducting world-leading research and fostering global collaborations, both academic and commercial.

The partnership is expected to yield joint publications, conference presentations, and webinars aimed at sharing key findings with industry stakeholders and regulatory bodies.

By fostering ongoing communication and collaboration, QUB and MOBILion aim to enhance food safety practices, ensuring consumers have access to safe and nutritious food products.

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