U.S – RizePoint, a technology leader in food safety, quality management, compliance, and social responsibility, has launched their innovative new product platform Ignite, a trailblazing software tool for quality managers.

 The first offering on this new platform is a user-friendly, affordable Supplier Certification Management solution.Ignite Supplier Certification Management allows companies to gather, organize, and manage supplier documentation and information in a centralized location, track status and deadlines, ensure compliance, and reduce time-consuming administrative tasks.

“RizePoint, the longest-lasting quality management vendor in the marketplace, is offering a simplified solution to manage supplier documents. We’re disrupting traditional market software, making it easy and affordable for small-to-mid-sized organizations to use and compete with larger companies. Ignite Supplier Certification is a smart, affordable solution to keep supplier documentation up-to-date, track status, reduce risk, and ensure compliance,” said RizePoint President Kari Hensien.

Ignite Supplier Certification key features include the ability to view suppliers at-a-glance. Users can quickly see task and certification status for all suppliers or drill down to view by supplier, location, and material.

It also enables one to upload and organize an unlimited number of certifications, documents, and photos, to easily access critical information in real-time.

The new platform permits the setting of reminders and task status tracking thus allowing one to get a clear view on task status and deadlines, and instantly confirm whether key tasks have been completed to ensure compliance and reduce risk.

Further, Ignite Certification Management streamlines processes so a person spends less time searching for documents in emails, won’t need to update multiple spreadsheets, and can reduce data entry for a more efficient experience.

The company is offering a free version of this innovative supplier certification management solution for up to 20 suppliers or supplier locations.

For 22+ years, RizePoint has offered quality management software solutions that help companies keep brand promises through their quality, safety, and compliance efforts.

It excels at building technology to empower users to audit, assess results, and determine when/if corrective actions must be taken. Its best-in-class solution is complete, comprehensive, and user-friendly, boosting visibility, accuracy, and efficiency.

Earlier in the year, the company expanded its scope to provide certification bodies with a broader range of audit solutions. It now enables certification bodies to administer and digitally submit a wider variety of GLOBALG.A.P., a prestigious certification that offers standards for Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), audits to meet expanded digital submission requirements to serve a broader client base.