U.S – Romer Labs, a leading provider of diagnostic solutions for the food and feed industry, has received approval from the USDA Federal Grain Inspection Service (FGIS) and the AOAC Research Institute for its innovative AgraStrip Pro WATEX test kits.

The AgraStrip Pro Ochratoxin A WATEX test kit, recently approved by the USDA FGIS, enables the quantitative determination of ochratoxin A in wheat, offering accurate and reliable detection for this harmful mycotoxin.

Tested across various wheat samples with exceptional accuracy, this kit provides an efficient solution for assessing mycotoxin contamination in grain products.

Paired with the AgraVision Pro reader, the AgraStrip Pro WATEX test system offers a rapid and intuitive on-site quantification of mycotoxins in agricultural commodities.

With the ability to independently test up to four samples simultaneously, this system streamlines the testing procedure, reducing time and labor while ensuring precise results. Its walk-away procedure enhances convenience and efficiency in mycotoxin detection.

Romer Labs’ AgraStrip Pro WATEX system covers six analytes, including total aflatoxin, deoxynivalenol, zearalenone, total fumonisin, T-2/HT-2, and now ochratoxin A.

With solutions available for various mycotoxins, this comprehensive platform offers versatility and reliability in addressing mycotoxin contamination across different agricultural commodities.

Industry recognition and validation

The approval from the USDA FGIS and the AOAC Research Institute underscores the reliability and performance of Romer Labs’ mycotoxin detection system.

Kurt Brunner, Managing Director of Romer Labs, emphasized the high sensitivity and efficiency of the AgraStrip Pro Total Aflatoxin WATEX test kit, setting a new standard in mycotoxin detection and reinforcing the company’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge testing solutions.

Romer Labs’ AgraStrip Pro WATEX test kits represent a significant advancement in mycotoxin detection technology, offering rapid, accurate, and efficient on-site testing capabilities.

By leveraging innovative lateral flow devices and state-of-the-art readers, this system enhances throughput, accuracy, and reliability while reducing the likelihood of procedural errors, ultimately contributing to improved food and feed safety standards.

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